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Yuefeng Aluminum won the Chinese Patent Excellence Award again!

July 30, 2023
As the "Oscar" of the Chinese patent industry, the State Intellectual Property Office recently released the results of the "24th China Patent Award", and Yuefeng Aluminum patent "parallel flow mold" won the China Patent Excellence Award, which is the second consecutive year Yuefeng Aluminum won the award.
"Parallel flow aluminum alloy porous flat tube" is often used as liquid cooling pipe in automotive thermal management system, because of its flat shape and wide, thin wall, many holes, high dimensional accuracy requirements, it is difficult to produce, and it is easy to cause mold damage in the extrusion process. The award-winning patent "parallel flow mold" discloses a parallel flow mold design, which can make the flow rate and distribution of metal liquid uniform, so as to avoid the mold core side deflection, deformation or fracture, and improve the strength of extruded profiles. In the actual application process, it can significantly improve the life of die core and die, and improve the quality of profiles. This award reflects that the patent has been recognized by the State in terms of technical level, innovative height and market transformation and application.
As a technology-driven new materials and new energy integrated parts provider, Yuefeng Aluminum has authorized more than 180 patents, including 59 invention patents, and was awarded the title of "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise" by the State Intellectual Property Office last year. Once again won the affirmation of the country, our company will continue to forge ahead, pioneering and innovative, and strive for more and greater breakthroughs in key technology fields.
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