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Yuefeng Aluminum achieved 101.7% of the operating target in the first half of the year and 112.2% of the profit

July 30, 2023
In the first half of this year, Yuefeng Aluminum industry to do the best live aluminum industry as the goal, according to the "three tables one" goal task, with the "three grasp three promote" action as an opportunity, fully implement the group company's decision-making deployment, solid promotion of quality and efficiency and the special action on the table, in-depth implementation of the target work plan, fully complete the group company issued business objectives, Among them, the operating income was 101.7%, the total industrial output value was 106.8%, and the profit was 112.2%.
Comprehensively strengthen production and operation management
According to the target of the steady growth plan, the production organization was continuously optimized, and the electrolytic cell maintenance and start-stop rhythm were efficiently linked. The average opening rate of the electrolytic cell reached more than 98.8%, and the electrolytic aluminum increased by 17,800 tons year-on-year, and the efficiency was more than 20 million yuan. Jiayu New Materials Company comprehensively overcame adverse market factors in the first quarter, focused on increasing production lines, maintaining 52 casting and rolling production lines, increasing aluminum production by 55,500 tons year-on-year, and creating an effect of more than 6 million yuan.
We will comprehensively deepen cost and expense control
By adopting independent and delayed maintenance projects, reducing non-productive expenses, optimizing capital operation, and striving for preferential railway policies, we strictly controlled various costs and expenses, and achieved a year-on-year reduction of 37.4% in administrative expenses, 18.1% in sales expenses, and 7.4% in financial expenses. Continue to promote the limit cost reduction, through the optimization of material structure, maximize the new energy trading power, raw material procurement rhythm operation and price game, to achieve the full cost of electrolytic aluminum reduced by 723 yuan/ton, in the top 30% level in the industry.
Comprehensively promote the progress of technical indicators
In the first half of the year, the optimization rate of first-level indicators, second-level indicators and third-level indicators reached 81%, 82% and 88% respectively. Comprehensive development of special indicators to overcome difficulties, promote the progress of key technical indicators, including liquid aluminum comprehensive AC power consumption improved by 181kwh/t, aluminum oxide consumption per unit 2kg/t compared with the plan, anode carbon block consumption per unit 2kg/t compared with the plan, aluminum fluoride consumption per unit 2.1kg/t compared with the plan, the impact of 27 million yuan.
Comprehensively carry out marketing operation to increase efficiency
Adhere to the efficiency first, strengthen the rigidity of the execution of the liquid aluminum sales contract, control the deviation within 2%, continuously improve the sales volume of liquid aluminum, aluminum liquid in situ alloying rate reached 89%, an increase of 12%; Seize the market price opportunity of lithium carbonate, make full use of the lithium characteristics of electrolyte blocks, shell blocks and other materials, carry out auction sales, and achieve an increase in revenue and efficiency of more than 180 million yuan; Close to the market trend, timely adjustment of product pricing, to achieve liquid aluminum, aluminum ingot sales average price above the market price of 30 yuan/ton.
Comprehensively improve the operating efficiency of aluminum
Develop special plans to improve the quality and efficiency of aluminum processing materials, and thoroughly achieve continuous and stable profits through the implementation of 37 hard measures; Continuous optimization of product structure, maximize cold rolling capacity scale and increase the added value of products, cold rolling mill opening rate reached 92%, annealing furnace utilization rate reached 94%, cold rolling output increased to an average of 29,000 tons per month; We made every effort to deal with the high inventory problem caused by the Spring Festival off-season, continued to reduce inventory to prevent risks, and promoted the innovation of sales model, and the monthly sales exceeded 55,000 tons, creating a record high.
In the second half of the year, the company will actively respond to the complicated market environment, take the annual target and world-class plan as the guidance, firmly implement the target protection work plan, strengthen management, limit cost reduction, tap potential and increase efficiency, continue to consolidate and improve the operating results, and strive to achieve the annual business objectives.
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