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The blinds are more suitable for spring

March 3, 2020

Abstract: if it is a small window, it can fit better with the wall after being pulled up with louvers, making it more neat and beautiful.

Spring blossoms, look at different doors and windows, enjoy a different mood. Today, Yuefeng Aluminum Technology shares some cases of doors and windows with blinds. I hope you like it!

1, the living room doors and windows are equipped with blinds.

The living room as a public space for receiving guests and daily family leisure, the doors and windows are generally relatively large; most of them are floor-to-ceiling doors, which are generally not suitable for blinds; and if you encounter a living room without a balcony, the living room is directly leaning on a floor-to-ceiling window. so the louver is still relatively neat and generous, without the procrastination visual sense of curtain hanging.

Pull away part of the visual sense that is transparent but not empty, which can not only maintain the privacy of the home environment, but also maintain bright and generous lighting.

If small window, pull up with louver can fit better with metope, more neat and beautiful.

If it is an indoor window, you might as well use folding shutters, put it away, you can open the space, appear more spacious, pull it apart and partition the space, which is very good.

2. Blinds are installed on the doors and windows of the room.

The biggest advantage of using shutters in the room is that while keeping the visual separation between the bedroom and the window, daylighting can also enter the room, but it is said that there will be light leakage in the blinds; remember to try out the light leakage when you choose and buy.

Log space texture with the corresponding style of blinds, the whole will be neat and comfortable.

Clean and simple space, white blinds, with beautiful and elegant atmosphere.

3, the study doors and windows are equipped with blinds.

Generally speaking, the study needs different amount of light at different times of the day, the light is too strong and dazzling, too weak to see clearly, the appropriate light environment can make it more comfortable when reading or working in the study, and the blinds are more practical for the light control of the study, which is also the reason why many office buildings use blinds.

Tatami study + blinds, the effect is still very good.

Rely on the window to do embedded hanging desk, in the window in front of the desk to do blinds, can avoid the waste of space using curtains.

The study small floating window, put on the plants, in the louver cast under the light atmosphere, appears particularly fresh and comfortable.

4, the toilet is equipped with blinds or built-in hollow blinds.

The window of the bathroom is generally relatively small, when you need to use the bathroom, you need to close the curtains to block the light, while opening the blinds to let the light in can make the wet bathroom more dry; ordinary curtains can not be completely put away on both sides (will block the light), and ordinary curtains are wet and easy to get moldy; compared with ordinary curtains, the benefits of blinds in the bathroom are great!

Another advantage of installing louvers is that the space on the edge of the window will not be affected by the curtains. If the width above is enough, you can also put green plants or sanitary ware.