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The first phase of Yuefeng aluminum photovoltaic power generation project officially started

September 4, 2023
Recently, the first phase of the Yuefeng Aluminum distributed photovoltaic power generation project implemented by Yuefeng Energy Group successfully started construction.
With the continuous upgrading of the national "double carbon" goal, as a sustainable energy alternative, photovoltaic provides a safe and reliable basis for the gradual optimization of the energy structure, and is an important part of promoting energy greening and achieving carbon neutrality. The country vigorously develops the photovoltaic industry, and replaces traditional energy with new energy sources such as photovoltaic, which provides a favorable premise for promoting the energy revolution and realizing the goal of "double carbon".
As a pilot project of Yuefeng Aluminum's first use of photovoltaic power generation technology to optimize energy structure, Yuefeng New Energy Co., Ltd. under Yuefeng Group Co., Ltd. is responsible for investment, construction and operation. The first phase of the photovoltaic power generation project has a designed installed capacity of 5.6MWp, and is expected to generate 3.73 million kWh of electricity annually after completion.
After the project is put into operation, it can provide an average of 3.73 million kWh of clean electricity for Datang area supplied by Yuefeng Aluminum three main step-down stations every year, which can not only effectively promote the optimization of Yuefeng aluminum energy structure, provide a solid energy guarantee for Yuefeng aluminum production and operation, but also play a positive role in promoting the transformation of enterprise green development and building a zero-carbon park in Xipeng Industrial Park.
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