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The opening ceremony of Yuefeng (Suzhou) Lightweight Research Institute was held in Suzhou

April 23, 2023

On the morning of April 21st, the signing ceremony of Yuefeng (Suzhou) Lightweight Research Institute and Suzhou Yuefeng Supply Chain Project was held in the beautiful Xiangcheng City of Suzhou.

During the activity, Chairman Yue Feng also visited Suzhou Aojie Automobile Co., LTD., and had a detailed understanding of the company's development history, talent structure, research and development design, product sales and other information.

Yuefeng (Suzhou) Lightweight Research Institute is an enterprise scientific research institution funded by Yuefeng Group, one of the world's top 500 enterprises. Relying on the advantageous resources of the group, based on the research of new lightweight aluminum alloy materials, new processes and new methods, the production stability and engineering application of automotive lightweight aluminum alloy materials are the leading research. At present, it has built a scientific research team of nearly 30 people and established a complete research and development system, which consists of four research departments: "High Performance Material Design and Preparation Technology Institute, Numerical Simulation and Structural Design Institute, Advanced Connection Technology Institute, Aluminum Alloy Green Preparation and Resource Regeneration Institute".

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