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The R&D achievements of Yuefeng Aviation Materials participated in the provincial major scientific and technological achievements release activities

November 25, 2023
On November 22, the roadshow for the release of major scientific and technological achievements in Shandong Province in the fourth quarter of 2023 was held in Jinan. The three units made a release introduction around the major breakthroughs made in the core technology, and Shandong Yuefeng Aluminum Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the event.
Liu Lin, chairman and general manager of Yuefeng Aluminum, made a release introduction on Yuefeng Aluminum's breakthrough in the R&D and production of aviation aluminum and helping domestic large aircraft to pursue their dreams in the blue sky, which was widely recognized and praised by leaders, guests and journalists.
It is understood that in May 2021, Yuefeng Aluminum has successively overcome key core technologies such as aviation aluminum alloy melt purification and three-level aging heat treatment of high-damage tolerance alloys, and successfully developed 5 thick plate and thin plate products such as 2 series and 7 series alloy models, and successfully passed the certification of COMAC and was awarded the approval certificate of COMAC civil aircraft aluminum alloy project, marking the localization of aluminum alloy materials for domestic large aircraft.
In June 2023, Yuefeng Aluminum broke through the key technology of lightweight wing truss products, broke the monopoly of foreign companies on this product, and successfully passed the Airbus certification.
At present, a number of aviation aluminum products of Yuefeng Aluminum have been successfully introduced to the international market, passed the certification of Boeing, Airbus and other global mainstream airlines and supplied in batches, fully supported the R&D and production of C919, C929, ARJ21 and other national heavy equipment, and promoted the localization process of civil aircraft aluminum. Yuefeng Aluminum has become an important manufacturer of cutting-edge aviation aluminum in the world, effectively improving the overall level and international status of China's aluminum alloy manufacturing industry, and providing a solid guarantee for the independent and controllable key aerospace materials.
The roadshow attracted more than 120 colleges and universities, science and technology enterprises, and financial venture capital institutions from the province to participate in the meeting, and the supply and demand sides reached a number of cooperation intentions.
In the future, Yuefeng Aluminum will continue to adhere to the development strategy of "innovation-driven, high-end manufacturing, and deep processing", seize the development opportunity of localization of high-end materials, continuously strengthen scientific and technological research and development, promote the in-depth integration and development of enterprise innovation chain, industrial chain, capital chain and talent chain, promote the implementation and transformation of more high-quality scientific and technological achievements, integrate the development of Yuefeng into local and national development strategies, and achieve green, low-carbon and high-quality development.
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