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The trend of Household Fashion in 2020 from the Perspective of door and window customization

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Good quality Aluminium Profiles for sales
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The trend of Household Fashion in 2020 from the Perspective of door and window customization
The trend of Household Fashion in 2020 from the Perspective of door and window customization

Abstract: a beautiful design will eventually return to the actual use experience. 2020 household trends are summarized as "livable" and "comfortable".

The new household trend will begin in 2020. In the spring breeze in March, Yuefeng Aluminum Technology most wants to talk with you about how our home should be designed in 2020. Use these 5 keywords to interpret this year's home trend with you. I will also introduce to you how to integrate these elements with doors and windows to give you an advanced sense of the world.

Trend one.

Modern Chinese style

Compared with the cold industrial style, people are now more inclined to look for simple lines to express far-reaching artistic conception, to convey quaint charm with simple aesthetics, and to show the yearning of the new generation to pursue a simple and better life.

Key points of door and window assembly: large visible surface.

Choose the style of doors and windows with simple lines, there is no superfluous luxury decoration, will make the whole space more concise and neat, rich in unique connotation. Large area door and window design and relaxed temperament give people a fresh, warm and beautiful feeling, so that the aesthetic taste of the whole home environment has been greatly improved.

Trend two.

Metal element

Metal elements with both personality and sense of the future are loved and pursued by the younger generation. No matter which style of home decoration design, it can perfectly deduce a unique, unruly personality and enhance the advanced sense of home decoration. Cool metal elements across the fashion circle for many years, 2020 will be the use of multi-element mash-up as a new bright spot, perfect control of advanced personality beauty.

Key points of door and window assembly: aluminum alloy doors and windows with minimalist lines.

To create a futuristic metal element space to choose doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows are the best choice. The modern simple line feeling aluminum alloy window neutralizes the metal hard temperament, enhances the future breath. There is no transparent glass of any style and color so that the metal personality is perfectly integrated in the exquisite and elegant space.

Trend 3.

Random irregular geometric elements

The change of point, line and surface with rich tension of geometric elements can make the interior space show a hierarchical change. The random design of geometric elements, through irregular sense of lines and rich and vivid colors, makes the space at home more dynamic.

Key points of door and window assembly: corresponding interesting geometric doors and windows.

The space of geometric elements, how to get less geometric patterns of doors and windows, doors and windows and home space into interest, naturally have a continuous sense of regular beauty. The dynamic geometric pattern doors and windows not only show romantic feelings, but also show the interest of leisure.

Trend 4.

Multicolor mash-up

Although solid color is very popular in the home fashion world, but now those things and elements that can stimulate the enthusiasm of life, the collision and contrast of colors make the younger generation accept refreshing and interesting visual enjoyment.

Exquisite assembly of doors and windows: low-key, natural light-colored doors and windows.

The doors and windows are dominated by natural light color or log color in the collision space, which forms a sharp contrast with the strong collision color and highlights the chromatographic sense of the space. Get rid of all the novelty and flashy, so that the overall space will not be too exaggerated. Of course, you can also draw more harmonious colors from leather sofas and pillows to integrate doors and windows with space.

Trend 5.

The trend of people-oriented pragmatism

Good design will eventually return to the actual experience. 2020 household trends are summarized as "livable" and "comfortable". Good-looking skin, after all, can not resist the rich connotation, so the gaudy home design will eventually be replaced by multi-functional home design. Because pragmatism returns to people-oriented multi-function design, which can provide convenient and comfortable experience for life. Moreover, pragmatism pays attention to the combination of aesthetics, which is destined to move towards the 2020 trend of home furnishings.

Key points of door and window assembly: customized doors and windows.

Pay attention to pragmatism home space can be customized a complete set of system doors and windows to meet a wide range of functional requirements, sound insulation, thermal insulation, waterproof and wind-proof, safety and comfort can be achieved in mature brand doors and windows enterprises. The door and window brands with door and window designers can combine the essence of Eastern and Western aesthetics and make full use of space forms and materials to create a personalized home space.

In the new year, put away the household fashion trend and start the inspiration of the whole house refurbishment.

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