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Various unknown Insider of Photovoltaic support made of Aluminum profile

Good quality Aluminium Profiles for sales
Good quality Aluminium Profiles for sales
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Various unknown Insider of Photovoltaic support made of Aluminum profile
Various unknown Insider of Photovoltaic support made of Aluminum profile

Corrosion prevention.

At present, the main anti-corrosion mode of the support is hot-dip galvanizing 55-80μm, aluminum alloy anodizing 8-10μm.

Aluminum alloy is in the passivation zone in the atmospheric environment, and a dense oxide film is formed on the surface of the aluminum alloy, which hinders the surface of the active aluminum matrix from contacting with the surrounding atmosphere, so it has very good corrosion resistance, and the corrosion rate decreases with the extension of time. Under normal conditions (C1-C4 environment), the 80μm galvanized thickness can be used for more than 20 years, but the corrosion rate is accelerated in high humidity industrial areas or high salinity seashore and even temperate seawater. The galvanized amount needs to be more than 100μm and needs to be maintained regularly every year.

Aluminum alloy is far better than steel in anticorrosion.

Other aspects of comparative corrosion protection

(1) appearance:

There are many kinds of surface treatment methods for aluminum alloy profiles, such as anodizing, chemical polishing, fluorocarbon spraying, electrophoretic painting and so on. Beautiful appearance and can adapt to a variety of strong corrosion environment.

Steel is generally used in hot-dip galvanizing, surface spraying, paint coating and so on. The appearance is worse than that of aluminum alloy profile. In terms of corrosion protection, it is also inferior to aluminum profiles.

(2) Section diversity.

Aluminum alloy profiles are generally processed by extrusion, casting, bending, stamping and so on. Extrusion production is the mainstream mode of production at present. The arbitrary section profile can be produced by opening the extrusion die, and the production speed is relatively fast.

Steel is generally used by rolling, casting, bending, stamping and so on. At present, rolling is the mainstream mode of production of cold-formed steel. The cross section needs to be adjusted by the roller set, but the general machine can only produce the same kind of products, size adjustment, and the section shape can not be changed, such as C-beam, Z-section and so on. The rolling production mode is more fixed, the production speed is faster.

Recovery of materials.

The maintenance cost of steel structure increases by 3% a year, while the support of aluminum structure requires almost no maintenance and maintenance, and the recovery rate of aluminum is still 65% after 30 years, and the price of aluminum is expected to rise by 3% a year. After 30 years, the steel structure is basically a pile of scrap iron with no recycling value.

Comprehensive performance comparison

The main results are as follows: (1) Aluminum alloy profiles have light weight, beautiful appearance and excellent anti-corrosion performance, which are generally used in load-bearing family roof power stations and strong corrosion environments.

(2) Steel has high strength and small deflection deformation under load, which is generally used in ordinary power station or parts with large force.

(3) cost: in general, the basic wind pressure is 0.6 KN 2, the span is less than 2 m, and the cost of aluminum alloy support is 1.3-1.5 times that of steel structure support. In the small span system, the cost difference between aluminum alloy support and steel structure support is relatively small, and the weight of aluminum alloy support is much lighter than that of steel support, so it is very suitable for home roof power station.

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