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Wang Guohua, chairman of Yuefeng Aluminum Co., Ltd.: Yuefeng has the confidence and ability to enter the world with Huawei

December 23, 2019

"YueFeng Aluminium, as the main supplier of high-end aluminum alloy products for Huawei 5G base stations, now supplies more than 360000 pieces per month, and the order volume continues to increase." Wang Guohua, chairman of Jiangsu Yuefeng Aluminum Group (hereinafter referred to as "Yuefeng Aluminum"), said, "Yuefeng has the confidence and ability to enter the world with Huawei!"

On December 22, the 18th China Economic Forum, directed by the people's Daily and sponsored by China Economic Weekly, was solemnly held at the people's Daily. Wang Guohua, chairman of Yuefeng Aluminum, attended the forum and delivered a keynote speech. With the theme of "Global Competitiveness of Chinese Enterprises", more than 400 heavyweight guests from the political and business circles gathered together to present an ideological feast.

To be able to join hands with Huawei to enter the world and talk about global competitiveness on behalf of Chinese manufacturing enterprises, "benefit from Yuefeng Aluminum's correct strategic positioning, from insisting on innovation-driven to promote quality revolution, but also from Yuefeng's corporate culture." Wang Guohua said.

Combined with his entrepreneurial experience, Wang Guohua shared his experience on Chinalco and China's manufacturing industry to strive for greater international competitiveness and influence.

Yuefeng Aluminum Industry was founded in 1993, won two China Awards, won Jiangsu Provincial Government quality Award in 2013, won the second China quality Award in 2016, took the lead in the formulation and revision of national and industry standards, and participated in the formulation of 126 standards. so far, it has become one of the leading enterprises in the aluminum processing industry in China and even in the world.

The Great Hall of the people, the National Museum, the new CCTV building, the Beijing Olympic Village, the AIIB, the artificial island building of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the federal government building in California, the Dubai Building in the United Arab Emirates, and the tallest building under construction in Tokyo, Japan. It is difficult to count the landmarks known as "high, difficult, refined and sharp", all of which have chosen Yuefeng aluminum products. Of the 10 tallest buildings in the world, 5 choose Yuefeng aluminum products. "although Yuefeng is a traditional enterprise, we actively transform and innovate to expand the scientific and technological content and application fields of aluminum products." Behind Wang Guohua's introduction is the promising prospect of the aluminum industry.

Statistics show that the per capita annual consumption of aluminum in China is only 24.1kg, while that in the United States is 60kg. Among them, more than 60% of the aluminum in China is used in the construction industry, and the aluminum consumption in the fields of transportation, electronic equipment and packaging is relatively low. "the means of transport we travel, including airplanes, high-speed trains and subways, need aluminum, and new energy vehicles can't do without aluminum. Our modern communication equipment for information exchange, such as 5G base stations and mobile phones, cannot do without aluminum, and the high-tech aerospace and aviation industries of mankind cannot do without aluminum. "

"We can't do without aluminum." Wang Guohua said that there is still a lot of room for the development of China's aluminum industry, and according to the information provided by the China Nonferrous processing Association, China is currently an absolute big country in the world's aluminum industry. and gradually move towards a powerful country-- China's aluminum processing industry has ranked first in the world for 13 years in a row, and the level of technology and equipment in the industry has entered the world's advanced ranks, which can be called the "exhibition hall of aluminum processing equipment in the world." With the continuous improvement of international competitiveness, a 10-billion-class and 100-billion-class comprehensive aluminum industry group represented by Chinalco, Yuefeng and Nanshan has been formed in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta. A number of aluminum processing industry clusters with obvious characteristics, complete facilities and strong competitiveness have been formed in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta. Among them, Jiangsu Wuxi industrial cluster is indomitable and is in a leading position in China. There is a popular saying in the industry that the world aluminum industry looks at China, Chinalco looks at Jiangsu, and Jiangsu aluminum industry looks at Wuxi.

Wang Guohua made a judgment as a manufacturing veteran: the future Chinese enterprises, made in China, will continue to enhance their competitiveness in the world. "first, we have the road and institutional advantages of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Second, we have a huge advantage in the consumption dividend of the Chinese population. Third, we have thousands of years of historical and cultural advantages. Fourth, China actively advocates the expansion of world free trade and proposes "Belt and Road Initiative" to allow Chinese enterprises to go out. "

What role will Yuefeng Aluminum continue to play when manufacturing in China has changed from big to strong?

Wang Guohua pointed out, "Yue Feng's mission is to provide high-quality and user-friendly professional aluminum products and services for high-end buildings and important equipment in China and the world." Our goal is to become a well-known brand in China and the world in this industry.

In recent years, Yuefeng Aluminum Industry has invested more than 200 million yuan in the research and development of new aluminum alloy materials. The developed aluminum products have entered the field of automobile and communication in the application scene. At present, the aluminum automotive product terminals developed by Yuefeng Aluminum are used in FAW Jiefang, BYD, Great Wall, Dongfeng, Xiaopeng, Geely, Honda, Tesla and other automobile enterprises. At the same time, with photovoltaic inverters, 5G antennas, 5G base station cooling materials and thermal transmission solutions, Yue Feng is holding hands with a number of communication companies.

"to make greater contributions to enhance the global competitiveness of Chinese enterprises! This is not only YueFeng's choice, but also Yue Feng's promise. " Wang Guohua said.

Yuefeng Group is a leading aluminum extrusion enterprise in the world. at present, it has formed a development pattern of three core businesses: industrial aluminum extrusion, aluminum Calendering and deep processing. the company's products have been widely used in green construction, transportation, mechanical equipment and power engineering and other fields, and its customers are all over the world's major markets.

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