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Wuxi Yuefeng Aluminum Technology New Materials Co., Ltd. "quality feedback Group"​ was established!

September 27, 2019

Strengthen quality management and innovate quality benefits. On September 26, 2019, Wuxi Yuefeng Aluminum Science and Technology New Materials Co., Ltd. "quality feedback Group" oath meeting and establishment ceremony was held! Adhering to the concept of innovation, Wuxi Yuefeng Aluminum Technology New Materials Co., Ltd., all the staff under the leadership of the company manager Liu solemnly swore.


We pledge to always take the feedback of our customers as the first action instruction; always take pride in the continuous improvement of product quality; always be ashamed of the product quality problems caused by negligent management; always firmly believe that our gains are among them, and then follow!


The establishment of the "quality feedback Group" marks that the company has a perfect and professional management system in terms of quality control, so that the company's quality supervision can be justified and must be based on reason, and help to form a daily production quality inspection to prepare in advance. A good situation in which problems can be solved by feedback in a timely manner. Inspiring vows continue to ring, the concept of quality development goes deep into the hearts of every employee, and integrates the declaration into daily production. Yuefeng Aluminum has the confidence to create a corporate culture of "all the staff are quality feedback supervisors" and create benefits through quality. Give back to customers with quality!


YueFeng aluminum sent a message: face the problem, have the courage to bear, humbly listen to opinions, is the original intention of the group, the establishment of the quality feedback group has brought a new source of power to the company. Let us continue to move forward to the beautiful prospect of "innovation, improvement and guidance"! Welcome industry seniors, experts, customer supervision, guidance!


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