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Yue Feng creates the excellent lean management mode of "three creations"​, anchoring the brand coordinates of the new era

March 17, 2020

Create a famous brand with quality and consolidate the "backbone" of the development of China's aluminum manufacturing industry.

YueFeng creates the excellent lean management mode of "three creations", anchoring the brand coordinates of the new era.

On March 6, the list of "2019 Jiangsu Provincial Government quality Award" was announced. In this selection of "the best among the best", Jiangsu Yuefeng Aluminum Plant Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yuefeng Aluminum Plant") was on the list and became the only award-winning enterprise in the new area. This is another higher honor after Yuefeng Group won the New District Government quality Award and Wuxi Municipal Government quality Award in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

As a leading enterprise in China's aluminum manufacturing industry, Yuefeng Aluminum Plant won this quality award, which undoubtedly brought a bright start to the development of the industry in the new year. Starting with high standards, adhering to casting quality for 28 years, YueFeng constantly "sprint" the commanding heights of technology and quality in the development of the industry, and make great efforts to create an excellent lean management model of "creation + quality creation + intelligent creation"; also in the technical practice of firmly laying a firm foundation, constantly raise the benchmark of self-development, bringing majestic force to empower "Chinese intelligent manufacturing" and promote the high quality of the industry.

Strong management.

Create the original "three manufactures" model to improve the quality of product manufacturing

With the continuous acceleration of the transformation and upgrading of the aluminum processing industry, the competition among enterprises in product innovation is becoming more and more fierce. The attitude to meet the development opportunities under the new normal determines to a large extent the future trend of aluminum profiles and aluminum processing enterprises. "YueFeng has steadily entered the 28th year of quality production, which is inseparable from the persistence of 'quality to create a famous brand'." In the view of Ms. Liu Lin, managing director of Jiangsu Yuefeng Group, "quality is the lifeline of the enterprise. Only by breaking through the traditional management means, honing internal skills, and building a solid brand, can we better meet the new opportunities for development."

Based on years of practical experience, Yuefeng Aluminum Plant effectively combs, integrates and refines its own quality management methods, and finally sums up an advanced quality management model with Yuefeng characteristics-"creation + quality creation + intellectual creation" lean excellence model. This model takes culture and strategy as the guide, talents, technology and information systems as the organizational guarantee, constructs and improves a variety of management systems as the basis, and provides products to achieve customer satisfaction through the "three-pronged approach" of creation, quality and intelligence.

Under the escort of the "three manufactures" mode, Yuefeng Aluminum Plant tried its best to improve the quality level of its products and ran out of the "acceleration" of production and development. According to reports, Yuefeng's aluminum alloy building profiles (anodized profiles, electrophoretic painting, powder spraying profiles, fluorocarbon paint spraying profiles, gel injection thermal insulation profiles, strip thermal insulation profiles) and industrial profiles, all won the international standard product mark certificate and the gold cup award for the physical quality of non-ferrous metal products. As a major taxpayer in Wuxi City, Yue Feng paid a total of 77.4045 million yuan in tax in 2018, and the tax contribution ranked in the forefront of the local manufacturing industry, showing the advantage of the industry benchmark.

In order to better move towards the goal of "transformation from Chinese products to Chinese brands", Yuefeng Aluminum Plant also actively participated in the establishment of Wuxi export aluminum profile quality and safety demonstration zone and became a demonstration enterprise in Jiangsu export aluminum profile quality and safety demonstration zone. to contribute "Yuefeng strength" to the quality and safety of aluminum profile export.

Throughout the quality development process of Yuefeng, flexible management innovation has always been the main line. Whether it is the construction of the enterprise quality culture, or the deepening of the safety concept by the zero defect management model, or the enterprise achievement brought by the "three manufactures" model under the new dimension innovation, it is the Yuefeng practice which contains the ingenuity spirit.

New application.

Research and create Green Manufacturing "New Business Card" by Juli Technology

"Chinese famous Brand products", "National Inspection exemption products", "Jiangsu famous Brand products". Behind the honor is the embodiment of the high "gold content" of Yuefeng products. In the face of the new era and new trend, Yuefeng Aluminum Plant has an important magic weapon to meet the challenges and stabilize its competitiveness-to enhance the application value of its products with technological innovation that keeps pace with the times.

"made in China 2025 also focuses on green and environmental protection. from the point of view of replacing wood with aluminum, steel with aluminum and copper with aluminum, aluminum profiles are light in weight, corrosion resistance, easy processing, good fatigue resistance and environmental protection, so they are ideal materials for construction." Boss Liu said that standing in the market situation of the whole industry, the design, research, development and construction application of green aluminum formwork have solved the defects of traditional formwork in the past. the performance characteristics of all-aluminum home, such as formaldehyde, fire, insect-proof, moisture-proof and corrosion resistance, can solve consumers' concerns in the choice of furniture products. Therefore, the technological innovation around green manufacturing is an important direction for Yuefeng Aluminum Plant to build product value.

In order to better maintain the strategic focus of the enterprise, Yuefeng Aluminum Plant took the lead in establishing the research and development of "green building aluminum alloy formwork profile" project and "green building aluminum alloy structure profile" project in 2013. and realized the industrial application of the first green building aluminum alloy formwork profile extrusion production line in China. The project fills the blank of domestic green building aluminum alloy formwork, realizes replacing wood with aluminum and steel with aluminum, creates a new situation of energy saving and environmental protection profile in aluminum profile processing industry, and adds energy to the development of green building industry in our country.

Driven by the rapid development of domestic construction and other large aluminum profile industry, the domestic aluminum profile industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and formed a regional agglomeration effect. Jiangsu is not only an important production base of building aluminum profiles in China and the world, but also a place where China's construction aluminum profile industry has developed rapidly in the past 40 years of reform and opening up. "Jiangsu Jiangyin Aluminum" is the representative of China and even the global construction aluminum profile industry.

In this building aluminum honors class, Yuefeng Aluminum Factory not only performs well in construction aluminum, but also gradually stands out in the development of industrial aluminum materials such as automobiles, high-speed rail, electronics and electrical appliances, machinery and equipment. Due to the high requirements of industrial aluminum for process technology and materials, the production process control ability and quality control level of enterprises determine the research and development, production and application of industrial aluminum. The full set of production equipment and personnel requires a huge amount of capital investment, so it is not too much to call industrial aluminum a "gold-swallowing beast".

Precisely because of the application and huge development potential of industrial aluminum, in recent years, Yuefeng Aluminum Plant has continuously optimized its production equipment, taking the lead in introducing 7000 tons of extruders as early as 2007, and constantly introducing the necessary equipment for the production of high-end industrial aluminum profiles. set up technical research and development, production team, this series of development and innovation has stimulated Yuefeng's brand-new vitality, but also won the initiative in the market competition. A series of application and innovation results are the best proof. Yuefeng Aluminum Plant has successively obtained 17 invention patents, 173 utility model patents and 83 appearance patents, such as high-performance aluminum alloy profiles for automobile chassis, aluminum alloy materials with high strength and high electrical conductivity and its production process, electrical conductors, a large cross-section thick-walled alloy profile and its production process, etc., showing the "hard core" technical strength in the aluminum profile production industry.

Pay attention to the brand

Release the power of "smart creation" to build a century-old famous brand of aluminum industry

To enter the market competition of global integration, the focus of the core competition of the industry is the brand. And Yuefeng quality, rooted in quality, longer than the brand. Starting with the four major fields of "strategy, science and technology, quality and service", Yuefeng Group has opened up a unique road for the development of famous brands.

Closely around the concept of "China Aluminum profile 4.0" put forward by the Group, Yue Feng not only carries on the intelligent upgrade in the production process, but also optimizes in management, product application, warehousing logistics, service and so on. As a pilot demonstration enterprise of "made in China 2025", Yue Feng understands the essence of adhering to products and manufacturing, and actively promotes the deep integration of informatization and industrialization on the basis of continuous implementation of low carbon and environmental protection. and accelerate the information and intelligent layout of the industry by promoting the platform, digitalization, flexibility and networking of R & D, production, management and service.

If we say that the transformation from manufacturing to "intelligent building" is the "focus" of Yuefeng Group's goal, then anchoring the energy-saving "new coordinates" is its "booster" that pays attention to the brand and starts the brand. Since it passed the certification of energy-saving product management system in 2007 and won the honor of "Top Ten innovative Enterprises of China's Energy-saving and Thermal Insulation profile", Yuefeng Group has begun to establish an image as a leader in energy-saving profiles. Under the spring tide of advocating green development in the country and advocating green environmental protection and energy-saving fashion in society, Yuefeng Aluminum even put forward the brand positioning of "energy-saving profile leader" in 2013, from green concept to energy-saving culture, from energy-saving technology, energy-saving product research and development to energy-saving process improvement and cleaner production, from internal energy-saving management to external energy-saving brand promotion, interpreting the connotation of energy-saving innovation in many aspects. A series of new energy-saving products, new processes and new technologies with international advanced level are the witness of its "energy-saving profile leader".

In recent years, Yuefeng Group has been awarded the "Top 500 Asian Brands" many times, making further efforts to build an international brand for it. With a forward-looking view of the industry market, Yue Feng has successfully understood and opened up the international market with the mode of quickly grasping opportunities and cooperation, extending the industrial chain to many countries and regions in the world. In the exploration of brand building under the background of "New normal" and "Belt and Road Initiative", it shows the "Yuefeng wisdom" of the development of aluminum manufacturing enterprises.

With integrity and innovation, the aluminum processing industry can also take the initiative in the future battlefield.

Focusing on the development of China's aluminum processing industry, it is not difficult to find that its product structure is changing. With the acceleration of the upgrading of traditional industries, the development of digital, networked, intelligent and green industries has become a new direction and a new way out. For China's aluminum processing industry, behind what seems to be a lot of difficulties, it is also a good opportunity for superior enterprises and brands up and down the industrial chain to transform and grow. Therefore, whoever can adhere to the original intention and mission of "keeping right" and answer the proposition of the era of "innovation" will be able to better grasp the initiative in the future battlefield.

Aluminum processing industry, which plays an important role in the national manufacturing industry, has never lacked the gene of indomitable vitality and the innovative spirit of keeping pace with the times. Because of a group of craftsmanship, unremitting innovation of technicians and entrepreneurs, so that the industry shows a steady stream of manufacturing vitality. As the core backbone enterprises of the first batch of national well-known brands to create demonstration zones, Yuefeng Group undoubtedly uses its successful innovation practice to share the important experience of Chinese brand innovation and development for the industry. While Jianmei, Huachang and other leading enterprises have also won provincial, municipal and district government quality awards, they have set a benchmark for the high-quality development of the industry. Wuxi aluminum enterprises carry out their original mission and become a solid force for the high-quality development of the industry.

If the industry is prosperous, the "backbone" is hard. Aluminum processing enterprises should have a sense of responsibility to witness the times and watch the country's industry, build evergreen brands with excellent quality, and help to achieve high-quality development of the industry, so as to consolidate the "backbone" of the development of China's aluminum manufacturing industry.