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YueFeng Aluminium Powder Coating

April 6, 2016

Aluminium powder coating is the application by electrostatic spray of a thermosetting powder which, when cured, flows to form a visually attractive and hard wearing finish to your aluminium profile, In summary the powder particles melt and fuse to the aluminium creating a hard shell. The powder costing process has many benefits. Read more about the Benefits of Powder coating.


Aluminium powder coating color choices

YueFeng Aluminium powder coating colors can be chosen from the extensive RAL (www.ralcolor.com) or BS (www.e-paint.co.uk/BS_Colourchart.asp) color ranges in matt, stain or high gloss. We can also match colors to any customer specification in flat, metallic or textured finishes.


Applications of powder coating extrusions

Due to its visual appearance and durability, aluminum powder coated extrusions are often used in the following applications, patent glazing, office partitioning, window blinds, roof lights, dry lining profiles and many more.


Attributes of our aluminium powder coating

Almost limitless choice of color

Good abrasion resistance

No danger of running or spluttering

Good resistance to UV and corrosion


Have you considered an aluminium wood finish?

Aluminium wood finish has all the visual benefits of wood, the structural integrity of metal and the performance of architectural powder coating, read more about our Aluminium wood finish.


More information

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