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Yuefeng Aluminum "3C ultra-high strength extrusion strip design and development" project successfully concluded

November 13, 2023
Since September, Yuefeng Aluminum Technology Center has firmly carried out the theme education of learning and implementing socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, taking scientific and technological innovation as an important engine to promote the technology development in the field of 3C electronics, and established the "3C ultra-high strength extrusion strip design and development" two-belt two-creation project. At present, the project has successfully completed the project, obtained a full set of extrusion strip preparation technology, and achieved industrial and stable production.
This project is based on the demand of electronic communication products for ultra-high strength aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy composition design optimization, ingot casting and typical specifications extrusion strip preparation process research. According to the content of the project, a detailed research plan has been formulated, the implementation of research measures, the integration of internal and external resources, and the development of lightweight aluminum alloy materials with influence and core competitiveness. By the end of October, the project has solved the problems of composition design of ultra-high strength alloy, extrusion molding of thin wall strip plate and uniformity control of microstructure properties and ultra-high strength target. The planned specification strip plate produced has reached the expected strength target and can meet the use requirements of electronic communication products in the 3C field.
The successful completion of the project is a remarkable achievement of Yuefeng Aluminum Technology Center's study and implementation of the theme education of socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the new era, which has laid a solid foundation for Yuefeng Aluminum to further promote the development and promotion of new products, and significantly enhanced Donglight's innovation ability and core competitiveness.
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