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Yuefeng Aluminum a number of aluminum alloy national standards "new"

October 10, 2023
Recently, the General Administration of Market Supervision and the National Standards Committee issued the No. 9 National standard announcement in 2023, and the 5 national standards for aluminum alloy led by Yuefeng Aluminum were released, involving forgings, extruded materials, plate and strip, etc., which will be implemented from April 1 next year.
Among the five newly released national standards, the national standard "General industrial aluminum and aluminum alloy plates and strips Part 1: General requirements" "General industrial aluminum and aluminum alloy extruded profiles" adds a large number of alloy grades and technical requirements, inspection items, inspection methods and judgment rules and other related content, covering all existing supporting test methods. As an upgrade and replacement of GB/T 34480-2017 and GB/T 34506-2017, the national standards "high-strength and high-toughness Al-Zn-Mg-Cu series aluminum alloy forgings" and "high-strength and high-toughness Al-Zn-Mg-Cu series aluminum alloy extrusion materials" have increased the alloy grades according to market development and user needs. At the same time, the production process requirements of ingot raw materials are loosened. The national standard "High-strength and damage-resistant Al-Cu-Mg series aluminum alloy plate and strip" increases the alloy grade on the basis of GB/T 33368-2016, and expands the application range of the standard from the electronic industry such as TV sets to other fields of production of high-load parts.
The release and implementation of the above national standards will further standardize the aluminum and aluminum alloy product market, conducive to the upgrading and transformation of related products, quality improvement and further promotion and application, provide a reference basis for the selection of materials for the use of units, solve the localization of foreign key materials, and enhance the international competitiveness of aluminum in China's high-end civil and aerospace, transportation and other fields. It is of great practical significance to lead the high-quality development of the industry.
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