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Home - News - Guangyuan City to accelerate "100 billion" China green aluminum construction ten policy measures (trial)

Guangyuan City to accelerate "100 billion" China green aluminum construction ten policy measures (trial)

October 10, 2023
In order to implement the spirit of the sixth plenary session of the eighth session of the Municipal Party Committee, to build China's green aluminum as the lead, accelerate the realization of the goal of "gathering hundreds of enterprises and breaking through 100 billion output value", and provide solid support for the re-establishment of an "industrial Guangyuan", the following policies and measures are formulated.
First, support the strong chain. For newly introduced and in line with the development plan of the aluminum-based new materials industry, projects in the high-end aluminum deep processing field such as automotive lightweight, rail transit, aluminum foil (electrode foil, electronic foil, battery foil, etc.), aerospace, recycled aluminum grade protection utilization, etc. will be awarded and subsidized by 5% of the investment amount of new large-scale equipment, with a maximum of 10 million yuan. For existing enterprises to implement key core equipment and platform system digitalization, networking, intelligent and other upgrading and transformation, and the total investment is not less than 1 million yuan, 5% of the project's newly purchased equipment or newly established platform investment will be awarded compensation funds, with a maximum of 3 million yuan.
2. Support project attracting. For people or social institutions to lead the introduction of fixed asset investment of 200 million yuan and above and landed in Guangyuan aluminum-related projects, according to the project fixed asset investment of 0.5‰ reward, the maximum is not more than 1 million yuan. For people or social organizations to lead the introduction of the world's top 500, China's top 500 enterprises, China's top 500 private enterprises and China's top 100 manufacturing enterprises and four types of well-known enterprises and fixed asset investment of 200 million yuan or more and landed in Guangyuan aluminum-related projects, and then in accordance with the project fixed asset investment of 0.5‰, the maximum of 1 million yuan.
Third, support the "crack the list". Where the successful completion of the aluminum based new material industry project "reveal the key" goal of the public, corporate legal persons and investment intermediaries, business associations or other organizations responsible persons, according to the actual completion of the project fixed assets investment 1‰ reward to the revealer, the reward amount is not more than 2 million yuan. The in-service personnel of party and government organs, public institutions, people's organizations and state-owned enterprises at all levels of the city who have successfully completed the goal of "opening the list" will be encouraged in the aspects of evaluation, commendation, merit recording, performance assessment, promotion and appointment, transfer of employment, title evaluation and appointment, and rank promotion.
4. Support energy upgrading. Carry out the enterprise star rating assessment, according to the enterprise output value, energy consumption, environmental protection, credit, technological innovation and other indicators, according to the five stars, four stars, three stars each level of no more than 5, 8, 10, respectively, the star-rated enterprises, to give business executives and high-level talents green access to medical treatment, children's school, urban scenic spots and other policies preferential treatment. And for qualified corporate executives and high-level talents, actively recommend the organization to run for "two representatives and one committee." Enterprises that contribute more than 10 million yuan (including) to the local economy for the first time will be rewarded with 100,000 yuan for each 10 million yuan contributed by the senior management of the enterprise.
Five, support external aluminum into wide. For enterprises settled in the western China (Guangyuan) aluminum ingot Trade center, the Western recycled aluminum Trade center, and the recycled aluminum cloud platform, 50% of the lease fee and 100% of the property fee will be subsidized in the first three years. For enterprises that purchase aluminum ingot smelting in the aluminum ingot Trade Center in Western China (Guangyuan) and carry out intensive processing on the spot, smelting subsidies will be given at 100 yuan per ton of aluminum ingot (except for products such as aluminum rods, alloy ingot and large plate ingot for export). Trade enterprises that sell recycled aluminum raw materials to recycled aluminum production and processing enterprises in the city through the Western recycled aluminum Trade Center will be given a logistics subsidy of 20 yuan per ton.
6. Support R&D and innovation. For the city enterprises (units) that have won the National Science and Technology Award, the first prize, the second prize and the top three, they will be awarded 10 million yuan, 5 million yuan and 3 million yuan respectively, and if there are multiple city enterprises (units) that have won the same award, they will be distributed in proportion. The city enterprises (units) that won the special prize, first prize, second prize and third prize of Sichuan Science and Technology Award and were the first completed units were awarded 3 million yuan, 2 million yuan, 1 million yuan and 500,000 yuan respectively. The newly identified "unicorn" enterprises will be rewarded with 5 million yuan, the newly identified national specialized special new "little giant" will be rewarded with 500,000 yuan, and the newly identified provincial specialized special new small and medium-sized enterprises will be rewarded with 200,000 yuan.
7. Support brand creation. The enterprise newly identified as the "leader" of energy efficiency in the national key energy use industry will be rewarded with 2 million yuan. The newly identified Top 100 manufacturing enterprises in Sichuan Province will be rewarded with 1 million yuan. Enterprises newly identified as national and provincial green factories will be awarded 500,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan respectively. Enterprises newly identified as national and provincial green design products will be awarded 200,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan respectively. Enterprises newly identified as "Tianfu famous products" will be rewarded with 100,000 yuan. The newly awarded enterprises of China Quality Award, Tianfu Quality Award and Mayor Quality Award will be awarded 500,000 yuan, 300,000 yuan and 150,000 yuan respectively.
8. Supporting enterprise financing. For enterprises successfully listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock exchanges and the Beijing Stock Exchange for the first time, on the basis of the original policy support, they will be awarded 2 million yuan and 1 million yuan respectively. State-owned guarantee companies are encouraged to provide financing guarantee services for the working capital required by aluminum based new material enterprises in production and operation activities in accordance with market-oriented principles, and subsidize 50% of the annual guarantee fees paid by enterprises, and the annual subsidy funds for a single enterprise shall not exceed 2 million yuan. For major projects with fixed asset investment of more than 1 billion yuan, discount interest support will be carried out based on the amount of financing by enterprises in financial institutions, according to 10% of the current benchmark interest rate, the maximum discount period will not exceed 3 years, and the total amount of discount interest will not exceed 4 million yuan.
9. Supporting the use of clean energy. The natural gas reserves retained in our city focus on supporting the development of aluminum based new materials industry. Encourage and support enterprises to use their own sites to build new distributed photovoltaic power generation and other clean energy sources.
10. Strengthen talent support. Support the integration of production and education between vocational colleges and technical colleges in the city and aluminum-based new material enterprises, give 500,000 yuan incentives to schools that have newly opened non-ferrous metal smelting and aluminum intensive processing and other related majors, and give 50,000 yuan incentives to aluminum-related enterprises that have built and put into use school-enterprise cooperation training bases. For the senior management talents who have paid social security continuously for more than 2 years in Guangyuan and the high-level technical skills talents who have been selected as the "Shutao Talents Plan" and above, the first set of commodity housing in Guangyuan is purchased by 5% of the housing transaction price, and the subsidy amount is calculated according to the housing area of no more than 140 square meters.
The financial award and subsidy funds required for this measure shall be borne by the beneficiary finance. Award funds do not include the funds of the national and provincial awards, cities, counties (districts) otherwise stipulated, in accordance with the principle of non-repetition of high support. After the introduction of the measures, the formulation of supporting implementation rules, in the city, county (district) Hui enterprise policy "one-stop" window for handling, policy implementation into the annual assessment.
These measures shall be interpreted by the Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology and the Municipal Bureau of Finance, and shall take effect from the date of issuance and be valid for two years.
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