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Yuefeng aluminum alloy "fine"​ is the first to tackle key technical problems and steadily advance.

April 8, 2020

Spring peak, full of innovation. Along the clean and spacious factory road, walking into the refining production department of Yuefeng Aluminum Alloy Company of Jiangsu Yuefeng Group, there is a busy and orderly production scene.

The workshop grasps the essence of the word "essence", gives full play to its own advantages, and devotes itself to the excellence of its products. In particular, the current activities of "tackling key problems of innovative projects" being carried out by Jiangsu Yuefeng Group have provided it with a new platform for innovation and practice. the refined production Department has thoroughly implemented the spiritual requirements of various activities and quickly put the work of tackling key problems of innovation on the agenda. while improving quality and efficiency, improvement and promotion, the new project has also achieved a major breakthrough.

"compared with the past, the structure, manufacturing and processing technology of the battery tray products of new energy vehicles are completely different, which is not only a comprehensive test of the overall strength of the team, but also a test of our technological innovation ability." Wang Feng, Technical Director of the Refining production Department of Yuefeng Alloy Company, told reporters. Despite rich production experience, the new project, regardless of processing technology or product parameters, can be said to be "starting from scratch", so it still feels a lot of pressure. For this reason, the refined production Department immediately set up an innovation working group, with the technical department as the leading department, organized the team to work together, adjust parameters, tooling, and fixtures, and actively explore and practice in tackling key problems of project innovation.

"never let the innovation work become a mere formality" is the team consensus of the innovation activities of the refining production department. We organize a review meeting once a week, follow up the progress of the project at any time, and strengthen the technical communication with customers in a timely manner. send technical personnel to investigate the use of products in the field, discuss and summarize in many ways, and continuously optimize the product design structure. Finally, on the basis of the material performance requirements, overall weight requirements and external dimension assembly requirements put forward by the customer, the self-design of the product has been successfully completed through further technical communication and design feedback, and the performance has been improved and optimized.

Under the efforts of this young technical research team, at present, the error of 1.5 meters of the product is controlled within 0.2 mm, which improves the accuracy of product design; the integrated lifting lug machine is used to increase the pallet strength; the assembly structure is changed from plug-in to lap-type, which improves the load-bearing capacity of the product. As a sole supplier, the products are highly recognized by customers, enter mass production, and orders gradually increase.

If we overcome difficulties, we will continue to innovate. In Wang Feng's view, although facing certain pressures and tests, the achievements of innovation have achieved results, and the thinking expansion and growth changes gained are even more precious. In the process of tackling key problems of innovation, the company has not only cultivated a young and stable technical team, stimulated the unlimited motivation of the team, but also further enhanced the core competitiveness of products and improved the after-sales service model. In Yuefeng alloy, tackling key problems of innovation will be a long-term activity, which will really add strong impetus to the development of the enterprise.