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Yuefeng aluminum digital recruitment platform project started

August 21, 2023
In response to the company's digital transformation strategy and development plan, combined with the overall requirements of the current purchasing department management improvement and reform and innovation, based on the existing material procurement platform business accumulation and market foundation, to create a procurement sunshine, collaborative and efficient, standardized integrated recruitment platform, recently, Yuefeng Aluminum New Materials Co., Ltd. launched the digital recruitment platform project. The project is implemented by Yuefeng Aluminum in cooperation with Aliyun Co., LTD.
At the launch meeting, the general manager and the purchasing department minister of Yuefeng Aluminum combined with the group's digital transformation strategic planning, and introduced in detail the purchasing department recruitment mode and development direction under the new form. He said that in the current digital economic situation, the procurement department as the company's external window, coordinated internal and external interconnection platform is particularly prominent. The project aims to build an integrated digital procurement platform with deep links, strong expansion and high service level, promote the digital transformation and upgrading of procurement from multiple angles, improve supply chain operation efficiency and management efficiency, and use digitalization to empower enterprise strategic development planning.
Alibaba Cloud Supply Chain introduced the project objectives and implementation plan in detail. Based on the supply chain integration platform, the project focuses on the six target systems of optimizing procurement process, strengthening bidding management, supplier lifecycle management, internal and external collaborative visibility, achieving shopping mall procurement, and improving user experience, optimizing supply chain management and improving operational efficiency. He said that in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the project, Ali Cloud formed a professional team according to strategic customers, and on the premise of product technology, to ensure the successful launch of the project.
Ali Cloud District vice president said that this project is the beginning of the cooperation between the two sides, Ali Cloud will take long-term technical service and support as the cooperation concept, steadily promote the progress of the project, and strive to achieve common win-win development goals.
The opening meeting of the digital recruitment platform project marked an important step for the company in the field of digital intelligent procurement, in order to further promote the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy, constantly optimize the intelligent procurement process, and accelerate the development of enterprises to the direction of digital procurement and intelligent information.
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