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Yuefeng Aluminum Group opens the door to overseas Market with High value-added products

June 27, 2019

June 26, the reporter learned from Yuefeng Aluminum Group, the groupundefineds overseas market development capacity expansion: not long ago became Jaguar Land Rover Class I supplier, directly for its British factory to provide high-quality aluminum extrusion products. Jaguar Land Rover, holding hands with Jaguar Land Rover, is the first time Yuefeng Aluminum Group has officially entered the supply chain of overseas carmakers, marking the recognition of Yuefeng Aluminum Groupundefineds high-quality aluminum extrusion products in the international market.

As the worldundefineds leading R & D manufacturer of aluminum processing products, Yuefeng Aluminum Group, after more than 20 years of accumulation, is far ahead in the same industry in the world in terms of technology research and development and high value-added terminal aluminum product innovation. The group now owns 627 national patents, participates in the revision of 58 industry standards, and has a number of innovation platforms, such as the national enterprise technology center, with an annual aluminum extrusion capacity of 1.5 million tons, and can produce the widest 4300 mm aluminum calender products in Asia.

Relying on strong equipment strength and high value-added products, Yuefeng Aluminum Group adheres to the development strategy of "taking the Chinese market as the main factor and the overseas market as the auxiliary", and vigorously develops the domestic and foreign markets. In China, Yuefeng Aluminum Groupundefineds high-quality aluminum extrusion products have been widely used in high-speed rail, subway, urban railway, new energy vehicle projects and civil home life, especially as the main supplier of Fuxing car body aluminum profiles, has provided deep processing products for dozens of Fuxing car body aluminum profiles.

In the overseas market, Yufeng Aluminum Group has been strategically expanding global operations and adhering to positive "Get out of here.".

At present, Yufeng Aluminum Group has developed three major "Get out of here." modes in the development of overseas market: first, the overseas M & A mode, through M & A, layout "One Belt and One Road", national and regional markets along the line, to realize the complementary business of the business, to avoid the "to disagree with oneundefineds" and to expand the influence of the overseas market; and the second is the "Jaguar Road" mode. The high-end high-quality aluminum extrusion products are directly provided to foreign manufacturers, which are the first-level suppliers, and are currently in cooperation with a number of overseas well-known automobile and rail-crossing host manufacturers, and more than 20 overseas customers are in the process of negotiation; and the third is the joint-to-sea mode with the upstream and downstream leaders. This is the joint sea-to-sea mode with the cooperation of Yue-feng aluminum and the medium-vehicle. The "production of medium-sized vehicle" has driven the joint "go to sea" of the domestic rail transit industry cluster through 102 countries and regions of the six continents of the world, and the "Yue Feng-Al" also takes the high-speed rail of China all over the world.

According to the annual report, the overseas sales income of Yuefeng Aluminum in 2018 was RMB 2.54 billion, increasing by about 71.6%compared with that of 2017.

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