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Yuefeng Aluminum held high performance wide alloy plate belt production line project expert demonstration meeting

November 20, 2023
On November 17, Yuefeng Aluminum high performance wide alloy plate belt production line project expert demonstration meeting was held in Chongqing, by the University of Science and Technology Beijing, Chongqing University, COMAC 5G Industrial Innovation Center and other unit experts composed of the expert review of the project proposal, Yuefeng aluminum high performance wide alloy plate belt production line project through the expert review.
Liu Qiang spoke at the meeting on behalf of Yuefeng Aluminum. He said that Yuefeng Aluminum Technology, as an important backbone enterprise in the design and manufacture of aluminum-based advanced materials of Yuefeng Group, has become one of the largest comprehensive aluminum processing enterprises with the strongest comprehensive strength in China, providing a large number of key aluminum alloy materials for major national projects and high-end new materials for civil use. At present, Yuefeng Aluminum is in the strategic opportunity period of industrial restructuring and transformation and upgrading, in order to further improve the core competitiveness, accelerate the shaping of new quality productivity, and achieve high-quality sustainable development, Yuefeng Aluminum plans to build a high-performance wide-width alloy plate strip production line. The construction of the project is in line with the national industrial policy, which can effectively enhance the urgent demand for large-size high-performance, high-precision and high-surface products in the fields of guarantee service and automotive lightweight, meet the needs of Yuefeng Group, Yuefeng Aluminum high-end manufacturing and the long-term development of the company, and has significant social and economic benefits. This is not only to meet the urgent needs of Yuefeng aluminum high-end manufacturing and Yuefeng aluminum's own development, but also a vivid practice of actively responding to the call of national policies.
Liu Qiang hopes that the experts will give more valuable suggestions in the process of project demonstration, and promote the continuous optimization and improvement of the project feasibility plan. The participating units and departments should think positively in combination with their own work, consult experts humbly, and concentrate on carrying out the preliminary preparation work of the project to lay a solid foundation for the later construction of the project.
By listening to Yuefeng Technology's report on the project proposal and Yuefeng Aluminum's description of the early stage of the project, on-site questioning and answering questions, the expert group believes that the project is in line with the requirements of the new round of deepening reform and upgrading of the country and Yuefeng Group's development strategic planning. It can meet the urgent demand for large specifications, high performance, high precision and high surface aluminum alloy sheet and strip in the fields of security service national strategy and automotive lightweight, and has better social and economic benefits. The expert group unanimously agreed to the project and made specific recommendations.
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