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Yuefeng Aluminum passed the 30th batch of national enterprise technology center evaluation

November 20, 2023
Recently, from the Chongqing Development and Reform Commission learned that Yuefeng Aluminum in the national 2023 enterprise technology center evaluation, ranked 69th among 1827 enterprises in the country, ranked first in Chongqing National enterprise technology center, the evaluation result is "excellent", successfully passed the national enterprise technology center 2023 annual evaluation. This is a full affirmation of Yuefeng aluminum technology innovation work, but also the embodiment of the company's comprehensive strength.
The national enterprise technology center is one of the highest honorary titles of enterprise technology center, which is jointly responsible for the evaluation by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the General Administration of Customs and the State Administration of Taxation. It is a comprehensive and systematic evaluation of enterprises' technological innovation capability based on 50 indicators. Includes R & D funds, innovative talents, technology accumulation, innovation platform, technology output, innovation efficiency and other indicators.
As a "pillar" enterprise serving the national strategy, Yuefeng Aluminum attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation work, and was recognized as the national enterprise technology Center for the first time in 2006. According to the needs of market competition and sustainable development, Yuefeng Aluminum has set up technology research and development and innovation institutions, strengthened the construction of research and development platforms, formulated enterprise technology innovation plans, carried out industrial technology research and development, created and applied intellectual property rights, established technical standards system, gathered and cultivated innovative talents, built collaborative innovation network, and promoted the implementation of the whole process of technological innovation.
Yuefeng Aluminum will give full play to the advantages and resources of the national enterprise technology center, play the main role of enterprises in technological innovation, accelerate the pace of technological innovation, build core technologies and capabilities, establish and improve the system and mechanism of enterprise-led industrial technology research and development and innovation, and constantly transform technological achievements into strong productivity. To cultivate Yuefeng Aluminum National enterprise technology center into an industry-leading, domestic first-class, world advanced technology innovation, research and development, industrialization integrated platform.
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