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Yuefeng aluminum held the first half of the economic activity analysis meeting

July 12, 2023
July 10, Yuefeng aluminum held the first half of the economic activity analysis meeting. Yuefeng aluminum general manager Wang Kaifeng, deputy chief engineer Liu Qiang, the main person in charge of all units and departments in the conference room on the third floor of the main venue; The remaining management personnel of each unit and department, the leader of the inspection group, etc. attended the meeting in the sub-venue.
The meeting was chaired by Finance Director Fan Jifei.
It is understood that in the first half of the year, in the face of many challenges such as the complex domestic and international situation and fierce market competition, Yuefeng Aluminum cadres and employees worked together to meet the difficulties, better completed the production and operation tasks, high-end alloy production and sales repeatedly hit a record high, sales collection quality improved significantly, order quantity, net profit, cost ratio and other major indicators achieved "double half".
At the meeting, Wang Kaifeng affirmed the production and operation work of Yuefeng Aluminum in the first half of the year, pointed out the shortcomings, and put forward four requirements for the next work.
First, we must vigorously expand external markets. It is necessary to give play to the leading role of the marketing system, carry forward the fine style of the "one talk four" marketing team, adhere to the clear orientation of value creation, deeply tap the potential market, pay attention to the increase of new customers, expand new customer groups, and provide a strong guarantee for the successful completion of the annual production and operation tasks of Yuefeng Aluminum.
Second, we must do both. It is necessary to adhere to both cost pressure reduction and structural optimization, pay close attention to the three aspects of raw material cost, fixed cost and variable manufacturing cost, adhere to strong incentives and hard assessment complement each other, promote cost pressure reduction work, and form a cost competitive advantage; Adhere to the system concept, coordinate the optimization of the product structure of the whole system, fully combine the equipment production capacity and the actual order, and pay attention to the expansion of narrow-mouth processes to release production efficiency.
Third, we need to improve the ability to ensure optimal supply. It is necessary to further optimize the production organization, continue to promote balanced production, give full play to the technical advantages of Yuefeng aluminum, firmly grasp the key minority and key links, resolutely eliminate low-level quality problems, and effectively improve product quality.
Fourth, we will pay close attention to work safety. It is necessary to strengthen the awareness of crisis and crisis, adhere to the concept of "safety +", make good use of management tools, coordinate safety production and lean management with high quality, focus on the development strategy of "one body, two wings and four bases", give full play to the lean management force, and promote the smooth and efficient operation of key work such as cost reduction and efficiency, quality improvement, and new product development.
At the meeting, the heads of all departments analyzed the production and operation in the first half of the year in combination with the work in charge, and put forward suggestions.
At the meeting, the equipment engineering Department made a safety case sharing; The financial department analyzed the economic activities of Yuefeng Aluminum in the first half of the year. Strategic development Department reported the first half of Yuefeng aluminum benchmarking work; The deficiencies and improvement measures in the first half of the year were analyzed in the strip factory. The Manufacturing Department reported on how to achieve balanced output and high quality assurance.
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