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Yuefeng aluminum high-end manufacturing approved the national key research and development plan

December 28, 2023
Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology announced the results of the 2023 national key research and development plan "Advanced structure and composite materials" key special review, led by Yuefeng Aluminum Materials Institute, Xinyu Aluminum, Xinbang participated in the declaration of the "new ultra-high strength and toughness fatigue and damage resistance aviation aluminum alloy sheet key technology" project approved. It is the only key project led by the enterprise research institute in the field of "advanced structure and composite materials" this year, and the approved project marks the gradual strengthening of Yuefeng aluminum high-end manufacturing influence in the industry, and has become an important core scientific and technological force in the field of high-end aluminum alloy in China.
The National Key research and development Program is currently the highest-level research and development project in China, focusing on solving strategic, basic and forward-looking major scientific and technological problems related to the core competitiveness of the industry, the country's overall independent innovation capability and national security, and is used to break through the technical bottlenecks in major fields of national economic and social development.
The project focuses on the leading enterprises, research institutes and universities engaged in the research and development, production and application of aviation aluminum alloy materials in China, and has formed a strong R & D team, which will focus on the urgent needs of a new generation of advanced aluminum alloy sheets in the national aviation field, and is committed to the research and development and design of the new high-performance aviation aluminum alloy materials basic theory - key preparation technology - application evaluation and evaluation of the whole chain. Solve the core technical bottlenecks of new high-performance aluminum alloy composition efficient screening and accurate design, homogenized organizational structure control and strong toughness - fatigue strength matching control technology, high damage resistance and low crack growth rate organization design and control, and shape control/control for multi-scenario applications of new high-performance aluminum alloy. Develop complete sets of industrial manufacturing and application evaluation technologies for ultra-strong and tough aluminum alloy thick plates and high-strength and damage-resistant aluminum alloy sheets with independent intellectual property rights, comprehensively improve the independent innovation capability of high-performance aviation aluminum alloy research and development and application in China, ensure the urgent need of major national models, promote the systematic development of aviation aluminum alloy, and promote the manufacturing industry to move towards high-end fields. Promote industrial development and progress.
Yuefeng Aluminum high-end manufacturing always mind "the country's largest", and strive to build a high-level scientific and technological innovation platform, now has a national advanced aluminum alloy technology innovation center, 3 national enterprise technology centers, 3 provincial enterprise technology centers, 1 academician workstation, 3 postdoctoral research workstations and various provincial and ministerial R & D centers, engineering centers and key laboratories. Has served a number of national key projects, filled a number of domestic gaps. Yuefeng Aluminum high-end manufacturing will take this opportunity, guided by national strategic needs, actively implement the national innovation and development drive strategy, accelerate the key problems in the field of high-end aluminum alloy, create original technology source of advanced aluminum alloy materials, and work together to become a world-class leader in the advanced light metal materials industry. Provide strong scientific and technological support for Yuefeng Aluminum Group to build a world-class excellent non-ferrous metal enterprise, and make "Yuefeng Aluminum contribution" for China to build a modern industrial system and build a new development pattern.
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