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Yuefeng Aluminum high precision aluminum alloy roll-bottom furnace start-up ceremony was successfully held

June 12, 2023
On June 10, the launch ceremony of Yuefeng Aluminum high precision aluminum alloy roller bottom furnace was held in the East China Sea Aviation Materials Park aviation materials extrusion plant.
It is reported that the high precision aluminum alloy roll bottom furnace project was introduced from Northeastern University by Yuefeng Science and Technology Research Institute in 2019, the landing transformation in Yuefeng Aluminum Industry, Yantai Nanshan University participated in the installation and commissioning of equipment, and the equipment developed by the project was designed and manufactured by Northeastern University and Guangxi Advanced Aluminum Processing Innovation Center Co., LTD., which is a landmark achievement of the company's production-university-research cooperation.
The equipment is the necessary high-end and high-precision equipment for the production of aerospace aluminum. Compared with the original equipment, the project solves the five key equipment technical problems existing in the development of complete sets of equipment for domestic high-quality aluminum alloy heat treatment production line, and develops automatic intelligent control systems such as air circulation system, gas injection system, burner and heating system. Design and development of hot air circulation fan, high density and high surface quality metal brush roller, cooling nozzle and other non-standard core components, the construction of the first domestic multi-functional aluminum alloy roll bottom solution quenching equipment production demonstration line with independent intellectual property rights.
High-end aluminum alloy roller bottom solid solution quenching furnace has long been monopolized by foreign countries, and is a major short-plate equipment for the production of high-end aluminum alloy plates and profiles. After more than four years of joint hard work, it finally broke through the key technology of equipment, and tested and improved key components such as fans by carrying out application verification in the actual production environment. The overall performance of the equipment has reached the international level of similar products.
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