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Yuefeng Aluminum Industry, Alloy Innovation, Quality Improvement and Power Enhancement, Expanding High Quality Development Channel of Aluminum Industry

March 1, 2019

Great undertakings begin with dreams, and space exploration never ends. As a partner of China's aerospace industry, Yuefeng Aluminum Alloy Company always upholds the development vision of "the leader of super-large and high-end aluminium materials", vigorously implements brand strategy, builds the industry chain of intensive processing of aluminium industry, plows deeply on the road of high-quality development, provides high-quality profile protection for aerospace industry, provides the national green and safe travel, and realizes the dream of "powerful country and aerospace". Add strength.


Innovation promotes development and solid work creates the future. After continuous strength accumulation, Shandong Yuhang alloy adheres to product diversification development, increases investment in high-end aluminum profiles, and strives to build an environment-friendly, technological innovation, resource-saving and social responsibility enterprise. In order to vigorously promote the "high-quality and efficient" development of enterprises, Shandong Yuhang started from equipment improvement, technological innovation and resource utilization, followed up the common development needs of the economic situation and environmental situation, developed advanced production technology, improved product quality, and gradually improved the hard strength and market competitiveness of aluminium enterprises. Yuhang alloy always takes "production stresses quality, market demands quality, life depends on quality" as the support point of brand promotion, combines the characteristics of aluminium alloy products, and promotes the research and development of high-end profiles. Through continuous optimization of process technology and continuous improvement of productivity, the comprehensive performance index of products is improved, which lays a solid foundation for the great development of Shandong Yuhang in the field of high-end aluminium alloy. Basics. At present, Yuhang alloy in Shandong has made great progress in the fields of aviation layout, rail transit, electric power pipe bar, forging bar for automobile parts, mobile phone layout, building template, general purpose material, etc. It promotes the enterprise to develop to higher fields with high technology content, high standard production process and high quality aluminium profile products.


In addition, in order to maximize resource utilization, Yuefeng alloy will continue to improve production process, reduce raw material consumption, pay close attention to market demand, and promote the enterprise to intensive development. With the increase of human resources and other intellectual investment and the effective integration of raw materials, Yuefeng in Wuxi smoothly opens the whole channel of high-end aluminium materials and becomes an important force to promote the development of domestic aluminium industry.


In the future, Wuxi Yuefeng Aluminum Industry will unswervingly carry forward the "spirit of space flight", cast the "quality of space flight", improve the innovative industrial system, open up multiple markets, expand high value-added products, deepen the construction of downstream industrial chain, and contribute to the promotion of high-quality development of domestic aluminum industry.