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Yuefeng Aluminum Industry passed the pre-acceptance of a national key project model project smoothly

June 10, 2019

Recently, the project application unit organized a pre-acceptance meeting for the sub-project "XX alloy extrusion material development and application" of a national key project model in Jiangsu. Representatives of Yuefeng Group Aluminum Company, an aviation design unit and a material application research unit attended the meeting.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     At the pre-acceptance evaluation meeting, Yuefeng Aluminum Company, as the main undertaking unit of the project, reported the overall situation of the project to the participants. Experts agreed that the project has completed all research tasks, met the relevant requirements of the state and users, and agreed that the project passed the pre-acceptance.


It is understood that the sub-project of "Development and Application of XX Alloy Thick Plate and Extruded Material" breaks through the key technologies such as alloy composition optimization, quality control of ingot, heat treatment process of strengthening and toughening, high-precision forming process and residual stress control technology of pre-stretching. It enables our country to develop XX Alloy Thick Plate and Profile by itself and make its material quality reach the international advanced level.


The alloy sheet and profile not only fill the gap in the research of aluminium alloy in China, but also make the research of high strength and toughness aluminium alloy used in aviation reach the advanced international level, broaden the channel for aircraft design and material selection in China, and lay a foundation for the establishment of aviation material platform. At the same time, it has great scientific and technological significance for the development of aviation industry and aluminium processing manufacturing industry, and also for the national high technology. The development of equipment in the field of technology has great political significance and remarkable social benefits.


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