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Yuefeng Aluminum integrated die casting aluminum alloy new material has been patented

April 26, 2023
Yuefeng Aluminum die-casting to aluminum alloy wheels as the main industry, covering automobile aluminum alloy wheels, motorcycle aluminum alloy wheels, electric bicycle wheels fields. Among them, in the steam turbine OEM market (complete vehicle supporting market), benefited from the increase in the market share of independent automobile brands, Yuefeng Aluminum 2022 OEM market sales growth of more than 30%. Yuefeng Aluminum said that the company increased its market development efforts in 2022. Among them, the company got the approval report of SAIC Volkswagen new products and gradually increased the supply quantity. The company has successfully provided supporting facilities for Beiqi military off-road vehicles, and obtained the right to develop several new products.
In addition, in the context of the explosive growth of the new energy vehicle market, Yuefeng Aluminum focuses on the lightweight business of aluminum alloy, using mature casting and spinning technology, can reduce the weight of 5%-10% in traditional products, to meet the requirements of new energy vehicles and traditional vehicles for lightweight materials. At present, the company has established stable cooperation with Beiqi New energy, zero run automobile, Jiangling New energy automobile, Changan New energy, Great Wall New energy, Geely New energy, Dongfeng Liuqi new energy and so on.
In the steam turbine AM market (after-sales service market), Yuefeng Aluminum relying on the zero tariff advantage of Thailand factory manufacturing, fully started the development of Southeast Asia market, successfully developed Thailand and Malaysia after-sales customers, overseas market structure has been optimized, Europe, Southeast Asia market share have been increased.
It is worth explaining that under the trend of integrated die casting, Yuefeng Aluminum will further layout low-carbon non-heat treatment die casting aluminum alloy materials in 2022. It is reported that the new material of non-heat treatment die casting aluminum alloy developed by Yuefeng Aluminum is to improve the microstructure through the precise molar ratio of elements, increase the strength and toughness through the natural aging of elements, without heat treatment process, so as to solve the problem of deformation and surface bubbles of integrated die casting structural parts in the heat treatment process, which helps to simplify the process of integrated die casting and improve the yield.
According to the annual report, since June 2022, Yuefeng Aluminum actively promoted the registration of high strength, toughness and heat-free integrated die casting materials related patents, and obtained the patent authorization in March 2023. Yuefeng Aluminum said that the company will actively promote low carbon, high strength and toughness non-heat treatment die casting aluminum alloy materials, and close cooperation with the main engine factory, new energy vehicle factory, joint development of low carbon integrated die casting for high performance non-heat treatment aluminum alloy materials and lightweight body, chassis structural parts, so as to fill the gap of low carbon aluminum alloy in the new energy vehicle, traditional vehicle and other high-end application field.
At present, Yuefeng Aluminum is negotiating with relevant new energy vehicles and traditional vehicle manufacturers on the joint research and development of low carbon non-heat treatment integrated die casting aluminum alloy materials, as well as the promotion and application of future chassis structural products.
Yuefeng Aluminum also disclosed the capacity layout in the annual report: In September 2022, the company joined hands with China Telecom (6.380, -0.13, -2.00%) and Huawei to jointly build Jinhua's first "5G customized network +F5G Industrial PON" fully connected turbine intelligent factory officially put into operation. The low cost advantage of the company's factories in Yunnan and Ningxia is gradually brought into play; The Thai factory has made great contribution to the company's performance by taking advantage of zero tariff.
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