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Yuefeng Aluminum jointly undertaken the municipal "revealer" project through acceptance

May 10, 2024
On April 16, led by Yuefeng Aluminum, Yuefeng Aluminum Material Institute and Huaiyin University jointly undertook the major Huai 'an science and technology "unveiling list" project "Industrialization technology development of high-strength 6xxx aluminum alloy sheet and strip for automotive interior covering parts", which was organized by the Science and Technology Department of Huai 'an City and successfully passed the acceptance.
In 2021, the Huai 'an City government launched a municipal science and technology major special project of the "open list" project, which directly attacks the "stuck neck" technical problems, breaks through the key core technology bottleneck, achieves scientific and technological self-reliance, and comprehensively improves the innovation and competitiveness of key industries. With outstanding R & D strength and forward-looking strategic vision, Yuefeng Aluminum has bravely shouldered heavy responsibilities and successfully uncovered this heavy "hero post", becoming one of the first enterprises in Huai 'an City to respond to the call of "unveiling the list".
The project makes full use of the professional strength of scientific research institutions and academic resources of colleges and universities to develop high-performance 6-series aluminum alloy sheets with independent intellectual property rights for automotive body interior coverings, and realize the system optimization of the process flow. The project not only conquered the technical problems of the mismatch between the surface treatment of the sheet metal and the welding and bonding process, but also made a major breakthrough in the springback compensation technology of the natural aging sheet metal forming, greatly improved the molding accuracy and stability of the product, and perfectly integrated the "cutting-edge technology" into the "practical value".
At present, the 6 series aluminum alloy sheet has been promoted to the market, and won the favor of a number of automobile oems, the alloy and the outer covering material is highly compatible, for the recycling of auto parts opened up broad prospects, to promote the green and sustainable development of China's automobile industry to contribute a strong driving force.
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