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Yuefeng Aluminum new energy vehicle high strength and toughness aluminum alloy project was approved in key areas

May 6, 2023
May 5, Nanhai District held 2023 Industrial technology promotion conference. The conference issued support measures for the high-quality development of science and technology innovation supporting industries, to support science and technology innovation in the South China Sea, support the manufacturing industry, promote the high-quality development of industrial science and technology, and provide strong support for building a modern and dynamic new South China Sea.
In terms of supporting enterprise R & D innovation, Nanhai District encourages enterprises to do professional and detailed R & D, and continuously improve their innovation ability. The research and development project of high-strength and high-toughness aluminum alloy large-size profile for new energy vehicles of Yuefeng Aluminum Works Group was awarded the first batch of "Top ranking" and key field scientific and technological research projects in Nanhai District.
Scientific and technological innovation is a strong driving force for high-quality development. As part of Yuefeng Aluminum high performance aluminum profile strategic planning, the R&D project of "High strength and high toughness Aluminum Alloy Profile for New energy Vehicles" is an industry-university-research project in cooperation with Central South University and Institute of New Materials of Guangdong Academy of Sciences. It aims to break through the technical bottleneck that alloy strength, corrosion resistance and weldability are mutually restricted and difficult to match in the development stage of new energy vehicle lightweight. To realize the application of high performance aluminum in the field of new energy vehicles.
"High strength and toughness aluminum Alloy large Specification profile for New energy Vehicles" is the first batch of projects in Nanhai District, and is also a key project for the high quality development of aluminum in Yuefeng.
Through the project of "reveal the top", focusing on the key core technology of aluminum processing and focusing on the manufacturing and upgrading of aluminum profile products, Yuefeng Aluminum will establish industrial demonstration production lines for the preparation of high-quality aluminum alloy ingot and precision extrusion forming of large-size high-performance aluminum alloy profiles.
And, Yuefeng Aluminum linkage Central South University, Guangdong Academy of Sciences Institute of New materials and other scientific research institutions, relying on Weiye aluminum application and aluminum processing solutions, with digital tools and intelligent means, to seek more "innovation chain, industrial chain, value chain" integration of aluminum industry system, to create a more powerful aluminum profile ecosystem.
In addition to new energy automobile aluminum, medical and health, photovoltaic electric energy, 5G communication, electronic appliances, bridge construction and other industries, aluminum profiles are extended with stronger compatibility development. From the front-end aluminum profile research and development, to the industrial application, Yuefeng Aluminum has opened the key technology innovation mode, constantly stimulate the power of scientific research, effectively improve the company's research team's self-innovation ability and scientific research value, promote the company to achieve high quality development, with scientific research strength of the "aluminum profile dream team" to make more contributions to the high quality development.
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