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Yuefeng Aluminum passed the review evaluation of national technological innovation demonstration enterprises in 2023

February 21, 2024
Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a document announcing the 2023 list of national technological innovation demonstration enterprises and the results of the review evaluation of national technological innovation demonstration enterprises, Yuefeng Aluminum successfully passed the review evaluation and continued to maintain the title of national technological innovation demonstration enterprises.
National technological innovation demonstration enterprises shall implement dynamic management, review and evaluation every three years, confirm qualified demonstration enterprises, and revoke the title of unqualified enterprises. Since 2014, Yuefeng Aluminum won the national technological innovation demonstration enterprise, give full play to the leading role of industry demonstration, continue to improve the system construction, increase investment in technological innovation, strengthen key core technology research, and constantly improve the ability of independent innovation, passed the review evaluation for three consecutive times and maintained the title of national technological innovation demonstration enterprise.
Since 2020, Yuefeng Aluminum has firmly grasped the major strategic opportunity period of the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the window period of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution, formulated the "Yuefeng Aluminum 14th Five-Year Scientific and Technological Development Plan", and continued to promote the progress of relevant scientific and technological innovation work as planned. Starting from the urgent needs and long-term needs of the country, Yuefeng Aluminum aims at the core key of the development of non-ferrous metals industry, the advanced technology of green and low-carbon transformation, gathers innovation elements, optimizes the innovation ecology, and creates the key scientific and technological research ground of the non-ferrous metals industry, the source of original technologies, and the highland of scientific and technological talents, and always maintains the leading edge of scientific and technological innovation in the industry. Better fulfill the strategic mission of Yuefeng Group as the vanguard, main force and leader.
Yuefeng Aluminum closely around the major strategic needs of the country, vigorously promote the key aluminum substitution process, around the national strategy, increase scientific research investment, strengthen technological innovation, overcome major key process technology problems, enhance the ability of key materials independent support, outstanding completion of a series of "national heavy equipment" aluminum supply tasks. Oriented by market demand, Yuefeng Aluminum actively expands the application of aluminum, achieves the upgrading of civilian products, and has achieved obvious results in promoting capacity optimization, promoting sustainable development, and enhancing enterprise competitiveness. The market share of key products has increased significantly, and product sales have maintained double-digit growth for 6 consecutive years. By 2022, we will achieve a year-on-year growth of 10.3% in export output, 16.22% in operating income and 387% in profit.