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Yuefeng Aluminum's cast aluminum alloy ingots won the "Product Carbon Footprint Certificate"

December 4, 2023
Recently, Yuefeng Aluminum's cast aluminum alloy ingots passed the audit and certification of the China Quality Certification Center. The carbon footprint value of each kilogram of cast aluminum alloy ingots is 14.87 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent, which meets the national green product emission requirements and was awarded the "Product Carbon Footprint Certificate". This is another product of Yuefeng Aluminum that has passed the certification after refined aluminum ingots for remelting passed the national carbon footprint certification. It provides a "green" guarantee to further open up the downstream market and enhance the competitiveness of the company, marking the construction of Yuefeng Aluminum. The green aluminum industry chain has taken another solid step towards realizing green, low-carbon and high-quality development.
In recent years, Yuefeng Aluminum has thoroughly implemented the national "double carbon" plan, implemented the green development strategy of Yuefeng Aluminum Group, and accelerated the construction of a green and low-carbon development model that integrates green energy use, energy conservation and emission reduction, clean production, and recycling. Integrate "green" into every aspect of the entire production process, build a desulfurization wastewater treatment system, and realize the recycling of more than 90% of water; invest 480 million yuan to complete and put into operation the "road-to-rail" project; complete the Yuefeng New Materials 6MW distributed Grid-connected photovoltaic power generation; Yuefeng New Energy Project complies with regulations. Establish an electrolytic aluminum energy-saving, carbon-reducing and high-purity aluminum technology center to carry out integrated industrial trials of aluminum electrolysis energy-saving technology. Industry, academia and research institutes jointly research aluminum electrolytic CO2 capture technology and low-energy electrolytic cell technology to promote green, energy-saving, low-carbon and high-end industries. develop.
At present, Yuefeng Aluminum is actively promoting the construction of the third phase of Yuefeng and new energy projects, striving to create a green development pattern for the entire industry chain from grassland "scenery" electricity to terminal products, and building a world-class outstanding non-ferrous metals group for Yuefeng Group Contribute to the strength of Yuefeng Aluminum.
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