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Yuefeng aluminum special material passed the "IATF16949" renewal after supervision and audit

August 19, 2023
On August 16, the International Bureau Veritas certification body concluded the three-day on-site supervision and audit of Chalco special material "IATF16949". The final meeting of on-site supervision and audit was held in the Yuefeng Aluminum Special Material No. 4 conference room, and the on-site supervision and audit teacher announced that the aluminum special material 2023 "IATF16949" audit passed smoothly.
"IATF16949" is the "pass" for aluminum suppliers to enter the automotive industry. Yuefeng Aluminum Special Material is a domestic diplomatic general aluminum extruded profiles and components application solution supplier, its production of aluminum alloy products in the automotive lightweight, rail transit, Marine engineering, industrial materials and other markets have been widely used, and in 2019 for the first time to obtain the "IATF16949" certification. According to industry regulations, the certification is replaced every three years, during which supervision and audit are carried out every year, if the supervision and audit is not passed, the qualification of automotive aluminum suppliers is cancelled.
It is reported that in 2023, Yuefeng aluminum special material not only passed the "IATF16949" supervision and audit certification, but also passed the "ISO9001", "ISO22163" and "EN15085" after the company changed its name. At this point, the quality system certification of Yuefeng aluminum special material after the name change has been completed.
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