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Yuefeng Aluminum Special Material Suzhou Line 7 upgrade project completed the first inspection

April 28, 2023
From April 25 to 26, the first inspection of Suzhou Line 7 upgrade project was held in Yuefeng Aluminum special Material site. Suzhou Metro owner's representative, CRRC Nanjing Puzhen Company procurement, design, quality, technology, project and other experts to Yuefeng aluminum special material site on the project delivery quality of the first batch acceptance.
In early March, the company reached an agreement with CRRC Nanjing Puzhen Company on the development of Suzhou Line 7 upgrade project, which involves extruded profiles, bending and other processing parts. This first inspection is the company's first on-site rail transit inspection project since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in late 2019. In the first inspection, the owner's representative of Suzhou Metro and CRRC Nanjing Puzhen expert team conducted a detailed audit on the project, technology, quality data and the site according to the management requirements of the rail transit project. In view of the deficiencies found in the audit process, the company's technical and quality personnel and the expert team conducted on-site communication, and discussed the later correction and prevention.
In the first inspection exchange, the company agreed with the opinions of the expert group, that is consistent with the company's site management practice, and promised that the company will continue to promote the "strict, fine, solid" work style, the good work quality into the production site, improve the quality of the company's products, to achieve "management results, quality benefits". The company as a "specialized, refined, special, new" modern enterprise, will promote the product, technology, market to the direction of specialization and continue to deepen development, adhere to the "eat professional meals, do professional things, walk professional road", lead the company to high quality development.
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