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Yuefeng Aluminum staff all elements of the whole process limit cost reduction

July 12, 2023
Since the beginning of this year, Yuefeng Aluminum Company has continued to implement Amoeba management philosophy, to improve quality and efficiency, to standard and table, to ensure the target action as the starting point, to fully implement the full staff, all elements, the whole process limit cost reduction work, to achieve electrolytic aluminum including tax cost from the annual peak pressure drop of 500 yuan/ton or more, to complete the business objectives, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness provides a strong support.
Yuefeng Aluminum Company continues to implement the monthly market analysis seminar mechanism, phased research and development of three major raw material procurement strategies, and strive to reduce procurement costs. Optimize the alumina long order supplier and contract quantity, using temporary order to carry out price game; Research and determine the downward trend of the anode carbon block market, adopt batch reduction procurement strategy, achieve procurement cost reduction of more than 20 million yuan, and implement differentiated pricing strategy to achieve the average purchase price lower than the market price target; Actively study and judge the market trend, through the adoption of long single quantity, spot lock price strategy, to achieve aluminum fluoride below the market average price purchase.
Yuefeng Aluminum Company actively carries out monthly and weekly electricity supplement transactions, actively communicates with new energy power generation enterprises, and strives for new energy electricity to the maximum extent. In the first half of the year, the proportion of clean energy electricity traded through the power market reached 52%, effectively reducing energy costs; Actively communicate with Hongsheng Electric heating Company, implement self-supplied electricity, self-supplied electricity accounted for more than 50% of the annual plan in the first half of the year; Through communication with the State Grid company, optimize and adjust the electricity price settlement method to create favorable conditions for cost reduction.
Yuefeng Aluminum Company in-depth promotion of all elements, the whole process of the benchmarking table, to promote the benchmarking table to achieve effective results, the first half of the operation and management of the benchmarking index optimization rate reached 81%.
Focus on the core indicators, from the process, management, project and other aspects of the development of aluminum liquid comprehensive AC power unit consumption improvement measures, year-on-year improvement of 181kWh/t, successfully completed the dual control of energy consumption, reducing the cost of 66 million yuan.
Focusing on bottleneck indicators, vigorously implementing technological innovation and technological research, and carrying out four new technology tests on anode carbon block and anode steel claw anticorrosive technology, anode carbon consumption was reduced by 1.5kg/t compared with the same period last year, and the cost was reduced by 8.4 million yuan.
Focusing on key indicators, strengthening internal basic management, improving the utilization rate of materials in the secondary cycle, the unit consumption of alumina was reduced by 2kg/t year-on-year, and the unit consumption of aluminum fluoride was reduced by 1.6kg/t year-on-year, reducing the cost by 18 million yuan.
Yuefeng Aluminum Company in accordance with the principle of "non-necessary no plan, planned pressure drop", comprehensively sorted out the cost items, strictly tracked the process control, the cost deviation rate was controlled within 5%, and the management cost was reduced by more than 50 million yuan in the first half of the year. By improving the local alloying rate of liquid aluminum and reducing storage fees in off-site warehouses, sales expenses were reduced by 18 million yuan year-on-year; Optimize capital operation, financial expenses decreased by 26 million yuan year-on-year; Actively carry out independent maintenance, reduce the number of outsourced maintenance, maintenance costs reduced by more than 30 million yuan; Carry out warehouse clearance operation, the average cost of machinery and materials reduced by 10%.
In the next step, Yuefeng Aluminum Company will further deepen the ultimate cost reduction management, fully implement the measures of the target protection program, continue to promote the company from "production-oriented" to "production-oriented" transformation, to ensure the completion of various objectives and tasks.
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