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Yuefeng Aluminum Standard Work Leads the Development of Navigation Industry

August 15, 2019

Recently, China Quality Association launched the selection of the 2009 Quality Technology Award. Yuefeng Aluminum led the project of "Development and Application of National Standard Samples for Aluminum Alloy Matching New Materials", which stood out from more than 700 projects and won the second prize.


It is understood that this project is Yuefeng Aluminum in the past five years, according to the development trend of national new aluminum alloy materials, combined with the company's new material research projects and trial production of new alloy national standard samples. This project not only fills the national gap, but also breaks the technological blockade of developed countries, promotes the development of aluminium materials, and provides standard technical support for accelerating the localization process of high-tech aluminium alloy materials.


Yuefeng Aluminum began the research and development of aluminium alloy standard samples in 1986. It was approved as a designated research unit of national nonferrous metal standard samples in 1988. The first batch of national standard samples developed in 1989 was approved and released. After 30 years of development, Yuefeng Aluminum has developed more than 100 national or industry standard samples of aluminium and magnesium alloys. It has grown into an important base and leading enterprise of aluminium alloy standard samples in China, and has a leading position in the industry.


Recently, the National Standardization Management Committee issued the Notice on the Third Batch of National Standard Sample Research and Reproduction Program Projects in 2019. Yuefeng Group has 10 National Standard Sample Research and Reproduction Program Projects (including 9 Development Projects and 1 Reproduction Projects) approved and established. Yuefeng Aluminum Technology Casting Plant has undertaken 9 projects. The research task of the development project.


It is understood that from the type point of view, the nine projects have not only alloy series standard samples for drawing working curves, but also special single-point standard samples for a certain alloy; from the alloy variety point of view, they are domestic aluminium alloy materials that have been mass-produced, including 7A19, 2014, 5A02 aluminium used in aerospace, aviation and national defense fields. Alloys are 6063A, 5052, 8011, 3004 aluminium alloys used in automobile, ship, food packaging and construction, and 356Z.4 cast aluminium alloys are more widely used in the market. The development of the above national standard alloy samples is of great significance for quickly unifying the chemical composition of alloy materials and effectively improving the control accuracy of chemical composition. The successful development will provide technical guarantee for reducing the fluctuation of material properties and improving material quality.


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