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Yuefeng Aluminum successfully passed JIS certification

April 28, 2023
Recently, Yuefeng Aluminum has passed JIS certification, which is another heavyweight international certification after the European TUV, European CE, etc.
The company attaches great importance to this certification, in strict accordance with the requirements for declaration and preparation. I have done a lot of work and efforts from product design, raw material purchase, product testing, technology center, production workshops, supply and marketing, and actively cooperated with the inspection team to carry out product testing and factory acceptance.
In accordance with the Japanese industrial standard Certification guidelines and JIS product standards, the expert panel conducted a detailed review from the aspects of product sampling, manufacturing, equipment management, product testing and supplier management, witnessed the entire sample test, and completed the JIS certification review of the whole process of Yuefeng aluminum procurement, production, testing, shipping control and product quality.
About JIS
JIS, Japanese Industrial Standards is an important certification standard among Japanese standards, as well as one of the other recognized system standards. It is known for its strict system requirements and difficult certification.
The certification requires the applicant to establish a quality management system in accordance with the applicable JIS standards and operate it for 6 months before applying to the certification body for the production of relevant written documents. More importantly, certification audit every three years, three years after the review again, will look at the three years since the certification of the system operation. The strict and difficult certification shows the gold content and reliability of the certification.
Because of this, the JIS certification not only means that Gumei's product quality and sustainable and stable production capacity have reached a high international standard, but also can gain more recognition in the international market, with stronger competitiveness and influence.
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