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Yuefeng Aluminum successfully passed Nadcap laboratory audit

June 24, 2024
Recently, the PRI audit experts conducted a four-day Nadcap laboratory audit on Yuefeng Aluminum, and Yuefeng Aluminum successfully passed the on-site audit, and was fully affirmed and highly praised by the audit experts.
Nadcap is a special process certification program administered by the aviation industry to enhance the quality of products in strategic areas of the country. At present, more than 60 leading global manufacturers, including COMAC, Aviation Development, Boeing, Rolls-Royce, etc., have put forward Nadcap certification requirements for their supply chains. During the audit, PRI experts reviewed the laboratory quality management system, chemical composition analysis, mechanical property testing, metallographic analysis and sample processing according to Nadcap AC 7101 series criteria. PRI experts believed that Yuefeng Aluminum's laboratory quality management system was operating effectively and the control level continued to improve.
This time, Yuefeng Aluminum continued to obtain Nadcap laboratory certification, marking the overall strength of Yuefeng Aluminum laboratory quality management has reached the international level, laying a solid foundation for the company to further expand the domestic and foreign aviation market, while enhancing the core competitiveness of products.