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Yuefeng Aluminum successfully passed Nadcap laboratory on-site audit

February 28, 2024
Recently, Nadcap audit experts conducted a 5-day on-site review of Donglight, according to the Nadcap AC7101 series of guidelines, the laboratory quality management system, photoelectric direct reading, high cycle fatigue, room temperature tensile, metallography, sample processing and other items were audited. Audit experts gave full affirmation and high evaluation to the management and inspection ability of Donglight laboratory quality system, and Yuefeng Aluminum successfully passed the on-site audit of Nadcap laboratory.
It is understood that Nadcap certification is the top international certification for special processes, and it is the most comprehensive and in-depth technical audit for special processes in the world's HK manufacturing industry. Yuefeng Aluminum continued to obtain Nadcap laboratory certification, so that its in-depth understanding of HK special process and strict control has been further improved, marking Yuefeng aluminum testing quality system management, technical capabilities, and overall strength have reached the international level, to ensure the performance and quality of Yuefeng aluminum products, improve the recognition of domestic and foreign customers have a role in promoting.
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