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Yuefeng Aluminum successfully produced A356 aluminum alloy square ingot

June 6, 2024
Recently, Yuefeng Aluminum New Materials Company successfully produced A356 aluminum alloy square ingot at one time. The physical and chemical properties of the products fully meet the needs of customers and are recognized by customers, marking the smooth entry of Yuefeng Aluminum into the high-end aluminum alloy market.
With the continuous progress of science and technology, automotive lightweight technology has become one of the important directions of the development of domestic new energy automobile industry. A356 aluminum alloy square ingot is cast aluminum-silica-magnesium alloy, with good fluidity, good air tightness, small shrinkage and other characteristics, mainly used in automotive, aerospace and electronic technology and other high-strength aluminum alloy material processing field, is the automotive production field of "good material".
"Based on the accumulated experience, we are confident that we can meet the higher requirements of the relevant industry for this material and win the regional market for automobile production." Wang Kaifeng, deputy general manager of Yuefeng Aluminum New Materials Company, said: "In order to successfully produce A356 aluminum alloy square ingot, technicians have docking the front-end market for many times, to find out the product performance, straighten out the process principle, and do various preparations."
Focusing on improving the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of alloy ingot, the company has held several production process analysis meetings, optimized the process flow, carried out technical research, simulated the production situation, fully predicted the various problems that may occur in the production process, and customized a set of "personalized" production program
Adjust the melting temperature and the proportion of raw materials, reasonably adjust the casting speed, casting temperature and cooling water, and further improve the uniformity of the composition of A356 alloy ingot; Through the experimental study, the previous production process experience was used to optimize the heat treatment process parameters and improve the mechanical properties of alloy ingot. From the selection of liquid aluminum, distribution, furnace to testing, production and other links, strict post process operation process, to achieve accurate operation, effectively improve production efficiency...
Through the joint efforts of technology, operation and production personnel, Yuefeng Aluminum successfully produced A356 aluminum alloy square ingot at one time. After testing, the product surface is smooth, no folding, scarring and other defects, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance are up to industry standards, fully meet customer requirements.
"The successful production of A356 aluminum alloy square ingot has further enriched Yuefeng's high-end alloy product types, optimized the product structure, and cultivated a new economic growth point for the production and operation of the aluminum industry." Wang Kaifeng said.