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Home - News - Yuefeng aluminum template won the title of "Jiangsu Province Manufacturing individual Champion"​ in 2019!

Yuefeng aluminum template won the title of "Jiangsu Province Manufacturing individual Champion"​ in 2019!

December 23, 2019

In order to implement the deployment requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, comprehensively implement the innovation-driven development strategy, carry forward the focus, professionalism and innovative spirit of enterprises, and continuously enhance the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry of the whole province, according to the "Special Action Plan for the cultivation and Promotion of individual Champions of Manufacturing Enterprises in Jiangsu Province" (Sujing Xinsheng (2017) No. 143), it is declared by the enterprises independently and recommended by the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and the Federation of Industrial economy. After the verification of the limited conditions, the industry demonstration and the final judgment of experts, the list of the third batch of manufacturing champions in Jiangsu Province was determined, and Yuefeng Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Yuefeng Group, was successfully selected.

The purpose of the selection of Jiangsu manufacturing champion enterprises is to guide manufacturing enterprises to focus on innovation and quality improvement, to form a single champion position in more subdivided product areas, to enhance the competitiveness of Jiangsu manufacturing industry, and to promote Jiangsu industry as a whole to move towards the middle and high end. Yuefeng Group has foundry production base, aluminum profile production base, aluminum formwork production base, door and window production base, products cover aluminum alloy manufacturing, precision mold manufacturing, high-precision aluminum profiles, system doors and windows, PC, aluminum formwork, aluminum climbing frame, all-aluminum home, etc., with the construction industry to provide a package of products, chain service manufacturing, technical research and development, supporting service capabilities.

In the research and development of aluminum template of Yuefeng Group, the 3D-BIM design platform with independent intellectual property rights is developed, each component of the aluminum template system is managed by QR code using cloud computing technology, and the whole process tracking of each aluminum template is realized through big data processing system. Aluminum formwork assembly design, which can realize convenient construction, high efficiency and environmental protection, is conducive to the realization of standardized and modular construction, saves a lot of manpower and material resources, and avoids dust, which belongs to the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Combined with the aluminum formwork rental mode of "making something out of nothing", it is a major innovation in construction technology and industry.

Yuefeng Group is a leading aluminum extrusion enterprise in the world. at present, it has formed a development pattern of three core businesses: industrial aluminum extrusion, aluminum Calendering and deep processing. the company's products have been widely used in green construction, transportation, mechanical equipment and power engineering and other fields, and its customers are all over the world's major markets.

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