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Yuefeng Aluminum two projects won the 2023 China Non-ferrous Metal Industry Science and Technology first prize

January 26, 2024
Recently, Yuefeng Aluminum Company "6N ultra-high purity aluminum preparation process and equipment and industrial application project", "High precision aluminum strip production process quality intelligent control technology and application" won the 2023 China non-ferrous metal industry science and Technology first prize, marking Yuefeng Aluminum in the field of non-ferrous metal industry to continue to lead the development of the industry with new breakthroughs.
"China Nonferrous Metals Industry Science and Technology Award" is the first batch of social force awards approved by the National Science and Technology Award Work Office of the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2001. It is a national science and technology award in China's nonferrous metals industry and the highest award in the nonferrous metals industry. It is highly recognized by the industry for its professionalism, rigor and fairness. The evaluation of scientific and technological achievements of the award-winning projects of Xinjiang Zhonghe has reached the international leading level.
As an enterprise that has been deeply engaged in the high-purity aluminum industry for more than 30 years, Yuefeng Aluminum's "6N ultra-high-purity aluminum preparation process and equipment and industrial application Project" has developed a complete set of ultra-high-purity aluminum purification technology above 6N level and energy-saving preparation technology of low-energy aluminum-carbon composite cathode refined aluminum electrolytic cell through independent development of the world's highest efficiency 100 refined aluminum tank and integration and innovation of three-layer method and crystallization method. The equipment and process technology have reached the international advanced level. Continuously meet the quality requirements of high-quality and high-purity aluminum in integrated circuits, aerospace, major equipment and other fields, complete the domestic self-sufficiency of high-purity aluminum in chip manufacturing and semiconductor fields, and effectively improve the core competitiveness of Chinese enterprises in the international market.
"High precision aluminum strip production process quality intelligent control technology and application" in the aluminum strip quality control mechanism and online quality control technology research made a breakthrough innovation, greatly solved the aluminum strip product quality consistency, poor stability, high quality cost industry common problems, in aerospace, transportation, medicine, electrical and electronic and other aspects of irreplaceable role. At present, the quality and performance of Yuefeng aluminum foil products have reached the industry-leading level, and the technology also provides a new technical direction for the development of aluminum foil technology in the industry.
It is understood that, excluding 2023, Yuefeng Aluminum has won a total of 13 China Nonferrous Metal Industry Science and Technology Awards over the years, including four first prizes. Including "Research and development and industrialization of sputtering targets for 300㎜ silicon wafer process of extremely large scale integrated circuits" "Key technologies and applications for the preparation of clean and fine 5N5 ultra-high purity aluminum" and other major projects leading the development of the industry and realizing domestic substitution won the first prize of the year.
Yuefeng Aluminum will continue to adhere to the leadership of innovation, in-depth practice of the national strategy, build a modern industrial system, and strive to promote high-end, intelligent, green and digital development, continue to make efforts in the advanced functional materials product chain, advanced structural materials product chain, focusing on aluminum electronic new materials, electrical new materials, new energy storage new materials, major equipment new materials four areas. Adhere to innovation leadership, strong chain complement chain, actively build a new system of modern industrial development with characteristics, build a green low-carbon circular economy industrial cluster, build Yuefeng Aluminum into an aluminum based new material industry group with international leading core competitiveness and significant influence in the supply chain, build a green community of destiny with harmonious coexistence between enterprise development and nature, and build a beautiful China!