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Guangdong alloy ingot manufacturers holiday survey

January 26, 2024
Near the end of the year, coupled with aluminum prices since the beginning of January continued to correction, aluminum ingot prices are forced to follow, aluminum die casting companies in hand orders and foreseeable orders after the year are weak, the willingness to receive goods gradually reduced, Guangdong alloy ingot market trading cold, alloy ingot factory properly prepared finished product inventory and raw material inventory, and do a good job of the Spring Festival holiday plan, The following is Yuefeng aluminum Technology research Guangdong part of the sample enterprises holiday details:
From the above research situation, there are two major commonnesses: 1, because most of the die-casting enterprises shut down before the end of January, the holiday time of the alloy ingot factory is also relatively concentrated, mostly from the end of January to the beginning of February, only a small number of die-casting enterprises stop the furnace after 2.5, need to supply their own customers with liquid aluminum; 2, on the one hand, based on the existing alloy ingot market performance is obviously weak phenomenon, and the market is pessimistic about the trading expectations after the year, on the other hand, the scrap aluminum price is strong, and the price is inverted; Alloy ingot factory stocking intention is low, maintain a small amount of safety inventory, choose to hold money and wait to make decisions after opening.