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Yuefeng Aluminum was awarded the pilot enterprise of DCMM implementation in Jiangsu Province

July 10, 2023
Recently, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announced the 2023 DCMM pilot list in Shandong Province, Yuefeng Aluminum new Materials Co., Ltd. was successfully selected, not only one of the four selected enterprises in Jiangyin City, but also the first selected enterprise in Wuxi City, achieving an important breakthrough in the field.
DCMM is the first national standard in the field of data management released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "GB/T 36073-2018 Data management capability Maturity Assessment Model", which aims to help enterprises use advanced data management concepts and methods to give full play to the value of data in promoting the development of enterprises to information, digital and intelligent. At present, the digital economy represented by the Internet and big data is becoming an important driving force to promote the quality change, efficiency change and power change of economic development. In the context of the comprehensive acceleration of the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, carrying out DCMM assessment is an important means to guide enterprises to enhance their awareness of data management, improve their data management capabilities and promote their digital transformation.
In the next step, Yuefeng Aluminum will continue to consolidate the foundation of digital economy development, promote industrial digitalization, networking, and intelligent transformation and development, and demonstrate other enterprises to continue to help the high-quality development of digital economy.
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