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Yuefeng Aluminum won the top 10 manufacturing industry in Yunfu City

August 13, 2023
Recently, Yunfu City optimization business environment promotion Conference and high-quality development of private economy conference was held in Yunfu City, this meeting is held under the guidance of the Party Central Committee to vigorously support the private economy, in order to continue to optimize and strengthen the business environment and private economy work, and promote the high-quality development of private economy.
The meeting commended the city's key tax enterprises and top ten private manufacturing enterprises, and Yuefeng Aluminum was ranked among them. At the same time, the meeting also issued a series of measures for Yunfu to help enterprises benefit the people and promote high-quality economic development, and a Plan for Yunfu to copy Shenzhen's business Environment Innovation and Reform, injecting a strong boost to the development of the private economy.
Creating a first-class business environment and developing and expanding the private economy are two important events for the high-quality development of Yunfu's economy. We should let "enterprises dare to act" become a clear symbol of the Yunfu business environment, and promote the private economy to play a big role in the modernization construction and make new contributions.
As the top ten award-winning enterprises of Yunfu private manufacturing industry, Yuefeng Aluminum ranked third this time, highlighting the responsibility of Xinhe as an aluminum profile enterprise. Yuefeng Aluminum has been committed to the development and production of high-surface aluminum profiles for 30 years, Yuefeng Aluminum has been adhering to the concept of innovation, green, high quality, and constantly improve the quality and competitiveness of products through technological innovation.
Yuefeng Aluminum has become a top ten manufacturing enterprises relying on innovation, rule of law and sound management, through stimulating the vitality of talents, promoting the transformation of innovation results, so that knowledge leads the development of The Times, innovation is the first driving force leading the development. Over the years, government departments at all levels in Yunfu and Xinxing County have continuously optimized business environment policies to make enterprises feel at ease and comfortable to develop, and constantly enhance their confidence and determination to develop.
Yuefeng Aluminum will continue to implement the requirements of high-quality development, show the social responsibility of Xinhe as a large enterprise, and make new contributions to promoting the high-quality development of Yunfu and the emerging economy.
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