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Yuefeng Group aluminum processing industry chain production base project settled in Jiujiang

June 26, 2023
Yuefeng Aluminum Application Technology Group is committed to the operation and upgrading of the whole industry chain of aluminum profiles, relying on the industrial agglomeration effect of non-ferrous metal Industrial Park and the industrial collaborative integration platform of Nanhai Aluminum Group, taking the application of aluminum profile production and processing technology as the core, the processing business of construction aluminum products as the basis, and the processing of industrial aluminum application products as the expansion direction, connecting with upstream raw materials. Integrate downstream application companies and channels to create a high-end and innovative aluminum technology development and application leading platform in the Greater Bay Area.
The contract of Yuefeng Aluminum Application technology aluminum processing industry chain production base project is the second project invested by Yuefeng Group in Jiujiang, with a planned investment of more than 5 billion yuan, which will build a centralized production base for two plates of aluminium extrusion and aluminium formwork, introduce intelligent production lines, and integrate industrial robots, fully digital factories and intelligent manufacturing innovation processes. Manufacturing products that can be used in the fields of construction, new energy, communications and automotive lightweight, creating a circular industry closed-loop, and empowering the aluminum industry chain to upgrade.
Yuefeng Aluminum Group's favor for Jiujiang is inseparable from the first-class business environment here. The unique geographical location of Jiujiang Town is the only one in the world irrigation engineering heritage "Sang Yuan Wei" town street, has the best natural ecological environment resources in the South China Sea, at the same time, Jiujiang also has a first-class port, complete industrial chain supporting, intimate government services.
"Jiujiang Town will continue to make efforts in the fields of industrial platform, urban supporting facilities, transportation, and enterprise services, and strive to create a development hot land for enterprises to feel at ease, assured and carefree." The secretary of the Party Committee of Jiujiang Town said at the signing event, "Jiujiang will, as always, do a good job of project docking, provide quality services for the project with the highest efficiency, the most full state and the most thoughtful service, and support the development of enterprises with practical actions."
"From signing, leasing, construction to production, Jiujiang Town government has given 'one-stop' support, making our first investment project start trial production in only two months, and the cumulative output value this year has reached 100 million yuan." President of Yuefeng Aluminum Group said, "We will build this production base project at an efficient speed, break the traditional cognition of the aluminum industry with practical actions, and give full play to the benchmarking effect of high-end equipment manufacturing industry."
Only if the government and enterprises are heart to heart, can they go both ways on the road of fighting the economy, and can they achieve high-quality development faster and better. "It is hoped that the project will accelerate the speed of construction and production, achieve both economic and social effects, and drive industrial development and quality improvement."
The contracted project is located in the Jiujiang Core Park of Jiujiang High-end Equipment and new Material Manufacturing Industrial Park, one of the top ten innovation-leading manufacturing parks in Foshan City, which is not only a strategic deployment of Yuefeng Aluminum Group's accelerated development, but also an important cornerstone for Jiujiang Town's high-end equipment manufacturing industry to a higher level.
Next, Jiujiang Town will fully support Yuefeng Aluminum Group to optimize the integration of the two major projects, improve the industrial operation level and innovation competitiveness of Yuefeng Aluminum production base, and aim to build the area into a leading high-end equipment manufacturing industrial base in China.
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