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Home - News - Yuefeng Group launched the second batch of "National Consumer Goods Standardization Pilot" project self-evaluation review meeting

Yuefeng Group launched the second batch of "National Consumer Goods Standardization Pilot" project self-evaluation review meeting

November 25, 2023
On November 23, 2023, under the leadership of the leaders of the Nanhai District Market Supervision Bureau, Yuefeng Group inspected the acceptance of the national consumer goods standardization test construction. Yuefeng Group reported on the work of the project, and the leaders gave great affirmation and encouragement to the work of the project, and then jointly carried out the self-evaluation review meeting of the pilot project with the leaders of the Market Supervision Bureau, and the tasks and objectives of the standardized pilot construction were completed by 100%.
In December 2021, Yuefeng Group was successfully selected into the second batch of "National Consumer Goods Standardization Pilot Project" released by the Standardization Administration of China.
The goal of the pilot construction is to become a collection area integrating rich standardization resources, authoritative standard test and verification, and a standard innovation and application demonstration unit in line with industrial economic development. During the pilot construction period, guided by the consumer goods market, it gathers the technical advantages of the government, universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises, integrates standardization policies, technologies, talents and industrial resources, promotes the innovation of standardization work mechanism, standard system construction and standard innovation, promotes product quality improvement, forms a development model of standard boosting quality improvement, produces a demonstration effect, and drives the upgrading of the consumer goods market.
At the same time, through the establishment and implementation of the standardization system, the enterprise takes standardization as a link to combine information technology, engineering technology and traditional industries to promote the scientific and technological progress of the enterprise and the transformation and upgrading of the industry. In connection with this, the brand image of Yuefeng has been continuously strengthened, and the trust and reputation of Yuefeng brand in the target consumer group have been continuously improved in the aluminum profile industry.
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