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Yuefeng Group! Seize the commanding Point of quality Development and walk in the Frontier of innovative Green Development

November 5, 2019

In recent years, the state has made every effort to promote the transformation of the manufacturing industry to green, high quality and innovation, and the manufacturing industry has ushered in a new era of. The development level of the manufacturing industry is an important basis to measure the comprehensive strength of a country. Since China joined the WTO in 2001, the economy has ushered in a golden period of development, the manufacturing industry has been rapid development, and gradually built a complete industrial chain. Aluminum profile as a traditional manufacturing industry, with the development of these years, many enterprises begin to transform cost pressure into innovative power, and continue to explore along the development direction of high-end, information, service and intelligence. New products, new models, new business type continue to emerge.

Under the industry situation of Big Wave Taosha, Jiangsu Yuefeng Aluminum Plant Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yuefeng Group") has always adhered to quality first, dared to change, and proved with action that the industry can be traditional. But the quality must be excellent, the thought must innovate, with the strength and the responsibility walks out a bright road which belongs to Yuefeng.

The soul of quality lies in ingenuity.

Born in 1989, Yuefeng Group, this year has been 30 years old, from crying to a successful career. Now Yuefeng is about to enter its twenties and enter a period of gold rise. The solid growth of Yuefeng in recent years is inseparable from the consistent persistence of enterprise management on product quality. By adopting the strategic model of keeping pace with the troika, the three major brands of "Yuefeng aluminum", "Yuefeng doors and windows" and "Yuefeng aluminum furniture" have been built. Let Yuefeng products continue to expand the scope of application, the current products have covered construction engineering, transportation, electronics and appliances, sanitary ware, home office and other fields.

The power of many fields shows the innovative vitality of Yuefeng. At the same time, the quality of the enterprise, the efforts of the enterprise, so that Yuefeng harvest rich fruit. Since 2017, Yuefeng Group has successively won the honors such as "New District Government quality Award", "Wuxi Municipal Government quality Award", "Wuxi specialized New Enterprise" and "Wuxi subdivided Industry leading Enterprise". As far as Yuefeng is concerned, The product quality, market performance, brand image and user word-of-mouth of the enterprise have been recognized by the local government, which is not only the glory, but also recognized the ingenuity of Yuefeng for many years, and the quality and brand have become the "business card" of Yuefeng.

Behind the glory, is the unremitting hard work of the people of Yuefeng. "cultivating Yuefeng for a hundred years with the spirit of craftsmen requires us not only to pursue 'extreme' and stick to 'original heart', but also to be attentive, attentive and patient, as well as meticulous, careful and perseverance." Ms. Liu Lin, managing director of Yuefeng Group, said. From enterprise managers to technical backbone, front-line production personnel, ingenuity is rooted in the heart of every enterprise employee. In every corner of the Yuefeng factory area can see the 'craftsman spirit, seriously create' traces, but also virtually let the staff in the work and production to establish this kind of consciousness.

Wave by wave aluminum profile industry chain new blue sea, Yuefeng always adhere to precipitate themselves, with technology, production equipment, product and technology research and development, marketing model innovation to form their own core competitiveness. Yuefeng cut through difficulties all the way, to the quality, brand erect the enterprise high-quality development of the "backbone."

Dare to innovate and dare to break through.

Nowadays, the momentum of transformation and upgrading is flourishing in the aluminum profile industry, and many enterprises hope to innovate themselves through "transformation and upgrading" and "intelligent manufacturing", which is an opportunity and a challenge. In the transformation and upgrading, individual enterprises pay more attention to the sales volume of products, ignore the quality of products, and ultimately sacrifice the vital interests of consumers. For the current situation of this market, Yuefeng has always maintained a clear understanding.

In recent years, Yuefeng has strengthened the construction of marketing team and distributor team, under the premise of market consumption as the guidance, upgrade the operation model, create a unique marketing system, at the same time, require the overall services of dealers to upgrade synchronously with Yuefeng headquarters. In addition, offline experience centers have been set up in many provinces and cities, such as Jiangsu, to constantly meet the experiential consumer needs of consumers, and combined with the online "Yuefeng purchase" one-stop service platform to realize a new online and offline integration model with online channels and offline experiences.

As for the origin of innovation, Liu believes that it is ultimately necessary to return to the origin of the manufacturing industry-product quality. Every time the Excelsior, constantly polish their own products, give the soul to the product, so that the design of the product and the user to produce a collision in the depths of the heart. This is a true portrayal of Yuefeng. Stepping into the Yuefeng experience Museum, the museum gathered the painstaking efforts of Yuefeng's aluminum production process, from high-quality aluminum, multicolor surface treatment to the application of all-aluminum household products, comfortable and exquisite design layout and products reflect each other. In a variety of home design scenes shuttle, full of the sense of acquisition arises spontaneously. In efforts to improve quality, design, service level, to meet consumers' yearning for a better home life on the road, Yuefeng has been in the forefront of the industry.

In view of the topic that the current product price system of the industry needs to be improved, Liu said: "the industry has entered a period of fierce fighting of 'bullets and bullets'. There are as many products on the market as cattle and hair, and it is necessary to achieve sales. Not only to make the customer understand the characteristics of the product, it is more important to let the customer have trust in the product. How to find the right way to break through in the tuyere wave is commendable, and our Yue Summit focuses on the innovation and development of products. "

Creating Green Aluminum Application Industry chain and actively promoting the Development Strategy of 1+N.

General Secretary Xi Jinping has always attached great importance to the protection of the ecological environment. Since the 18th CPC National Congress, he has repeatedly given important instructions on the construction of ecological civilization, and repeatedly stressed on different occasions that "Green Water and Green Mountain is Jinshan Silver Mountain." As a benchmark enterprise in aluminum profile industry, Yuefeng has been committed to promoting the green and sustainable development of the industry.

In terms of product diversity, in order to meet the needs of customers, Yuefeng actively carried out the research and development of energy-saving doors and windows, curtain wall systems, and successively launched 3000 + surface treatments, such as electrophoresis, spraying, oxidation, wood grain, etc. Take the lead to create extinction electrophoresis, antibacterial spraying and other "green" surface treatment;

In 2018, with its outstanding contributions to green development, ecological priority and environmental protection, as well as outstanding achievements in land intensification, production cleaning, waste recycling and low-carbon energy, Yuefeng is recognized as a national "green factory";

In May 2019, the series of 104 passive windows independently developed by Yuefeng was certified by the German passive Housing Research Institute (PHI), and all the performance indicators reached the European standard for doors and windows of passive buildings with ultra-low energy consumption. Yuefeng once again made a breakthrough in the technology of aluminum alloy energy-saving doors and windows.

In September this year, the 2019 report on the Development trend of China's Aluminum Extrusion Industry and the 30th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Jiangsu Branch of Yuefeng Aluminum Plant Group Co., Ltd., was solemnly held in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. While celebrating the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Yuefeng factory in Jiangsu Province, while paying attention to its own development, Yuefeng put it into practice, focus on the common problems of the industry, and contribute to promoting the high-quality development of the industry. At the meeting, Mr. Liu shared the "1 + N" green aluminum application development model of aluminum extrusion enterprises, and mentioned the needs of the current great health era. Lightweight aluminum with excellent characteristics is more and more favored by the construction industry. And there is a trend of "aluminum instead of wood" and "aluminum instead of steel". It has been revealed that in the face of such a market trend, Yuefeng will continue to increase investment in intelligent production, strive to enhance technological innovation, constantly innovate product research and development, and constantly enhance product service, and adhere to the core competitiveness of the brand. The possibility of unlocking n kinds of aluminum applications for customers.

From the benchmark enterprises in the field of aluminum processing, gradually growing into a rising star of suppliers in the field of pan-home, Yuefeng is proving their "difference" with practical action.

As a supplier of aluminum construction solutions, from the output of aluminum profiles to system doors and windows, to aluminum furniture, Yuefeng adheres to the core value of "building a green aluminum application industry chain". On the one hand, Yuefeng brings better and accurate service to customers. Realize the new idea of consumption, on the other hand, through the exploration of new channels, inject new vitality into the enterprise and realize the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise.

Honor is only a microcosm in the way of development. In the face of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area's major development opportunities, Yuefeng will resolutely shoulder the mission and embrace the future with a more active and enterprising attitude.


In the highly competitive aluminum profile processing industry, Yuefeng's success is no accident. The continuous expansion of the scale of enterprises, performance doubling, these achievements have not let Yuefeng slow down the pace of development, but more accelerated the speed of development, more focused on refined management, enhance the ability of innovation and so on. Talking about Yuefeng, there are too many topics, both soft and hard power, meetings, events and other occasions on a touch of Yue Feng "orange" impressive. In many interviews with Ms. Liu Lin, she was clairvoyant and clairvoyant:

"Life is a process of hard work and harvest step by step.

Keep learning and enrich yourself. "

"only by doing things in a down-to-earth manner can we have achievements in our careers."

"focus and cross-border do not conflict, focus can keep you in the middle and upper reaches, but cross-border thinking can often open up a new world."

The sea flows across the sea to show the true character of the hero. When the pursuit of excellence becomes a belief, we have reason to believe that Yue Feng, anything is possible!

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