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Yuefeng Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Northeastern University

September 18, 2023
On September 14, Yuefeng Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Northeastern University.
According to the agreement, the two sides will carry out cooperation in the fields of deep earth resources, non-ferrous green metallurgy, advanced non-ferrous materials, high-end equipment, information technology and intelligent manufacturing in accordance with the principle of "strong alliance and win-win development".
Wang Kaifeng, on behalf of Yuefeng Group, expressed his best wishes to Northeastern University's centennial birthday. He pointed out that at present, the world has not seen major changes in a century into a period of accelerated evolution, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform in-depth development, in the face of new tasks and new challenges given by the new era, Yuefeng Group and Northeastern University to promote strong cooperation, build a close, long-term, stable long-term strategic cooperation relationship, will effectively promote China's non-ferrous metal industry to the forefront of the world. It has important strategic significance to improve the resilience and security level of China's non-ferrous metal industrial chain and supply chain. Yuefeng Aluminum Group will set up a working class to comprehensively promote the strategic cooperation between the two sides to develop in depth. Wang Kaifeng also put forward three suggestions on the cooperation between the two sides: First, keep in mind the "great of the country" and actively serve the national strategy; Second, adhere to the guidance of goals and accelerate the research of key projects; Third, strengthen joint training and forge a team of first-class talents.
Liu Qiang said that the signing opened a new chapter of in-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises facing the major needs of the country, building a national strategic scientific and technological force, and serving the construction of a modern industrial system. Northeastern University will take this signing as an opportunity to continue to strengthen the deep integration with Yuefeng Aluminum Group and create a new benchmark and model for school-enterprise cooperation. It is hoped that the two sides will achieve closer interaction between industry and education through in-depth cooperation, and jointly inject new momentum and new advantages into the high-quality development of the industry and the independent training of top-notch innovative talents. We will build a more flexible talent exchange mechanism, strengthen collaborative education, joint research, and resource sharing, and form a community of enterprises, universities and research institutes. Cultivate a more open cross-border integration ecology, jointly explore new development opportunities, and jointly create new industrial value and new industry ecology.
Liu Lin pointed out that strengthening the strategic cooperation with Yuefeng Aluminum Group is a vivid practice for Northeastern University to implement the spirit of the important speech of the General Secretary at the Forum to promote the comprehensive development and revitalization of Northeast China in the new era, help Liaoning make new breakthroughs in the comprehensive revitalization, deepen the integration of central and local areas, and promote the integration of production and education, and it is also an important measure for Yuefeng Aluminum Group to practice the new development concept and build a world-class enterprise. It is hoped that the two sides will take this strategic cooperation as an opportunity to deepen cooperation in scientific research, technological innovation, product research and development, personnel exchanges and industrial cultivation, jointly promote the coordinated innovation of education, science and technology and talents, jointly build strategic scientific and technological strength, and make new and greater contributions to achieving self-reliance in high-level science and technology and serving the modern industrial system.
Yuefeng Shares and Northeastern University simultaneously signed a national key laboratory co-construction agreement.
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