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Yuefeng New Material company's first batch of products delivered to customers

September 19, 2023
Recently, a full load of Yuefeng aluminum branch Yuefeng new Materials company high-end aluminum alloy ingot trucks drove out of the factory in an orderly manner, the company's first products to achieve delivery, with the ability and conditions to continue to provide downstream customers with high-quality high-end aluminum alloy products.
Since the trial production of green high-end aluminum alloy production line, Yuefeng Aluminum Company has taken "smooth production and sales, stable operation" as its goal, and insisted on the synchronous efforts of various departments of production, sales and research to solve the problems in production and operation.
The Marketing Department of Yuefeng Aluminum Company began to organize raw and auxiliary materials procurement and market development work in advance. On the one hand, it formulated raw and auxiliary materials procurement specifications, assessed component risks, reviewed trial status, and selected suppliers with high standards, which provided strong support for trial production. On the other hand, establish a sales system and system, investigate the aluminum processing capacity and market demand in the province, constantly collect customer resources, and do a good job in customer classification reserve; Find out the sales area and pricing of similar product enterprises, close to the actual trial production, and formulate sales price policies in line with market positioning to ensure the maximization of benefits.
Yuefeng New Materials Company formulates strict production process control procedures and operating standards, and relies on advanced testing equipment to achieve double checks on production and quality inspection to ensure the quality control of incoming products. At the same time, the company fully communicated with customers on technology, transportation and other links, completed the order signing work, and successfully entered the aluminum rod market.
In the next step, under the premise of stable production, the company will continue to follow up key target customers, deeply tap the market potential and potential demand customers, actively promote product development and upgrading, do a good job in laying the groundwork for production and market, accelerate the entry of high-end varieties of the market, and lay a solid foundation for high-quality development.
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