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Yuefeng Group started the construction of Foshan new energy vehicle lightweight intelligent factory

May 22, 2023
On May 19, Yuefeng Group invested 800 million yuan to build a new energy vehicle lightweight smart factory officially started construction in Nanhai, Foshan. According to the plan, the smart factory will be built into a demonstration production base in the global automotive lightweight aluminum alloy casting field in the future.
According to the plan, the smart factory covers an area of 124 mu with a building area of 68,000 square meters. The project, with a total investment of 800 million yuan and an annual capacity of 36,000 tons, is expected to be put into trial production in January 2024 and put into operation in May.
Liu Qiang, chairman of the company, said in his speech that on the basis of the original factory, the company will build a green and low-carbon lightweight intelligent manufacturing plant for new energy auto parts in accordance with the standards of the industry, and introduce global production equipment and management system to build a level of intelligent manufacturing plant.
According to reports, the intelligent factory planning configuration 2200T-12000T die-casting machine 30 sets, large gantry five-axis processing center and other equipment 120 sets, products mainly include new energy vehicle body structure parts, integration of large castings and three electric system, will be represented by GaC Aean, Selis automobile customers to provide auto parts products.
Yuefeng Group, founded in 1998, has long been focused on the research and development, production and sales of automotive aluminum alloy precision castings. In recent years, Yuefeng Group has further deepened its layout in the field of new energy vehicles and developed high value-added products by combining its first-mover advantage in the field of large-scale integrated die casting structural parts. At present, the company has developed into a global integration of die casting technology and business, and has completed the layout of the global production base, in Asia, Europe, America, a total of 20 production sites.
In recent years, the increasingly strict energy-saving and emission reduction policies and the vigorous development of new energy vehicles have greatly promoted the development of automobile lightweight trend. As a lightweight material, aluminum alloy automotive castings have a good market demand prospect. Because of its advantages in streamlining production processes and improving production efficiency, aluminum alloy large-scale integrated structural parts are favored by new energy vehicle manufacturers. With comprehensive advantages in technology research and development, product quality management and other aspects, Wencan has established good cooperative relations with Tesla, Nextev, Ideal Automobile, Xiaopeng Automobile, GaC Aean and other new energy automobile manufacturers.
According to the plan, Yuefeng Group will also invest 2 billion yuan to build intelligent manufacturing projects for new energy vehicle parts in Anhui and Chongqing. Yuefeng Group previously said that the implementation of the above projects will further improve the company's production capacity and optimize the product structure, strengthen the company's market position, meet the market demand brought by the downstream automobile industry's transformation to the direction of new energy, and lay the foundation for the sustainable growth of the company's future performance.
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