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Yuefeng Group supplies aluminum profiles for all subway projects in Xiamen

Good quality Aluminium Profiles for sales
Good quality Aluminium Profiles for sales
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We have been using YueFeng Aluminium as a supplier for a number of years, however since the new management team took over responsibility about four years ago they have become not only a supplier they have become a strategic partner supplying not only parts to our business but also solutions and advances in extruded Aluminium components.

—— Bretti--Manufacturing Director

YueFeng continue to provide excellent manufactured products and offer services aligned perfectly to our requirements. They are able to dovetail into our fluid sales requirements whilst consistently delivering to schedule.

—— Gavin Sykes--Managing Director

Your products are very popular in our market.

—— Mr. Clive

Good Quality, Best Service supplier that we met until now.

—— David Little

You always can give me the best plan ,and it lets my customer feel great,i hope we can have another chance to cooperation.

—— Michael

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Yuefeng Group supplies aluminum profiles for all subway projects in Xiamen
Yuefeng Group supplies aluminum profiles for all subway projects in Xiamen

Recently, there has been a spate of good news from the Xiamen subway project. Its Metro Line 2 has been officially opened to traffic, and the electric bus of Metro Line 3 has also been successfully off the line a few days ago. As a supplier of car body aluminum profiles in Xiamen subway system, Yuefeng Group, the leader of the global aluminum industry, provides all car body aluminum profiles and some deep processing products for Xiamen Metro Line 1, Line 2 and Line 3, which plays an important role in the development of Xiamen Metro in the new era.

While meeting the lightweight criteria of rail transit products, Yuefeng Group is also completing more challenges. "by improving the extrusion equipment, optimizing the extrusion process and heat treatment technology, Yue Feng not only ensures the rapid delivery of the project, but also improves the strength of the car body aluminum profile, which provides the car body structure quality guarantee for the smooth departure of the train." The person in charge of the rail transportation department of Yuefeng Group said.

"Yuefeng Technology" in Xiamen Metro Project.

With the advance of Xiamen subway planning strategy, the interconnection of infrastructure inside and outside Xiamen Island has become the main symbol of the cross-island development process. However, the geology of Xiamen subway section is complex, and even some sections are located in the deepest cross-harbour subway tunnel in China. There is no doubt that this is a huge challenge. "Yuefeng R & D department is committed to the impact of environmental changes on aluminum alloy car body, by adjusting the whole production process, extrusion ratio and adjusting the die, theory combined with actual production to verify, a comprehensive grasp of the car body aluminum profile in the complex environment performance and reliability of the production technology to meet the needs of the use in the harsh environment." The person in charge of Yuefeng Group said.

"Today, CRRC long passengers have delivered more than 100 subways for Xiamen, and the aluminum profiles for the car bodies of these projects are all supplied by Yuefeng Group, which is also a supplier of aluminum profiles for Xiamen subway system. At present, it is supplying products for the follow-up projects of Xiamen Line 2 and Line 3, and the product quality and delivery have been well received by customers." The person in charge further explained.

Behind the great development of rail communication: Yue Feng's "aluminum" has become a "push hand"

As a research and development manufacturer of aluminum processing products, Yuefeng Group's products are widely used in transportation, mechanical equipment, power engineering and other fields. Especially in the field of rail transit, based on the technical R & D innovation and experience accumulation of Yuefeng Group in rail transit projects for many years, Yuefeng "aluminum" has been found in many EMU and subway projects in China in recent years.

Among them, as the main supplier of Fuxing car body aluminum profiles, Yuefeng Group has been providing deep processing products for dozens of Fuxing car body aluminum profiles. At the same time, Yuefeng Group also supplies deep processing products such as aluminum profiles and large parts of car bodies for intercity trains, commercial maglev trains, subways, light rail and other rail vehicles, especially in the field of urban rail transit. Yuefeng Group provides batch and high-quality car body aluminum alloy profiles for subway projects in Xiamen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Hefei, Kunming, Wuhan, Ningbo, Qingdao, Fuzhou and other cities.

The person in charge of Yuefeng Group said that with the sustained growth of China's economy, the rapid progress of urbanization and the further improvement of rail transit technology, there is still a broader space for development in the field of urban rail transit in China.

Yuefeng Group will rely on years of technological research and development and product innovation, continue to break through technical barriers, provide more high-quality and high value-added rail transit products, and help urban rail transit to achieve faster and better development.

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